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Contemplating is now RedNoseDog
Yes, I'm back. And I think it's been exactly a month. The new Drifter can now be found here -- --

I'm sorry for the abrupt end and long wait. I wanted to redo it because I didn't really like what I was doing and I wasn't going anywhere. So I decided to add somewhat of a story to Drifter and I'm in love with it. Everyone introduced so far will be there.

The wait was also due to the fact that I started a new webcomic that's just as awesome. -- --
Cheesecake thief feels no pain. Nicely drawn hands of death too.
The cast is officially gone. Hurray!
The crutches have mysteriously disappeared...
Oh god, the hills have eyes! D:

I like cheesecake man's squiggle dance and hat. He's so joyful. You should keep it in color, it would be half the awesome if it wasn't. :(
Yea, one column instead of two this time. Just how things ended up.
January 14th, 2009
Clever girl.

Your linework is awesome. It's very clean.
January 12th, 2009
A groaning door. Neat!
The lighting effect in the first panel looks great. You can really see the glow effect as well in the third panel.

Does Unc have a secret?
@FoD: The first column was originally going to be Remy feeling bad, but as I was drawing granny's tomb I just started drawing granny's skeleton and now she's coming back from the dead!

Glad to have made you chuckle.

@Prank: Grandma will never stop being scary.

@JDxLove: It seems that is true. XD
Thanks quotidien! I'm glad you like it.
Trying to do Drifter in public is hard. It's hard to control my laughter sometimes and people think I'm crazy. D:
Green would've been good contrast but would change the mood. :(
I think I used too much red in panel four. The blood doesn't stand out that well.
January 7th, 2009
I have a feeling she's going to be going in anyway....maybe.

I also am ready to tromp through some musty old ruins.
That's pretty badass Pyro. Your sketches are really crisp.
Well, he gets a 10 for entertainment.
You make the best backgrounds ever. I love that smiley face.

That action sequence looks great too.
i woud like to has holy jesus aura yellow plx. kthnx