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Hey there! ^^ I'm Air Vee. Duh. But anyway, comments are love, friends are love, flamers can go to hell cause I don't care about what you have to say... -_- and critique is uber love!!

No co-authors. No co-anything!AT ALL!! I do everything on my own. I don't start a comic unless I know how it will go through and eventually end. Like SOL (Son of L) I know how I want it to end. I just draw slower than I think. :3

Thanks for visiting.

I update every chance I can.
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The End
So that's all there is. This comic is now officially over. There WAS a sequel, but I don't have the motivation to finish it. I have other projects on my mind right now.

Please remember this was a short doujin, nothing is official, nothing is canon.
All unrecognizable characters : Landon Lawliet, Kira Yagami, Irre Wammy, Niji Keehl, Nako Keehl, Takoa Jeevas, Light Lawliet and Castle Kirvinoff (Cass) belong to me.
Everyone else belongs to The makers of Death Note.

Thanks for reading.

I am Kira!
Lmao I forgot, Brendon is the "B" twin and Brandon is the "L" twin.

Easy way to remember: E for evil, A for awesome. lmao
Kira Cover
I'm personally very proud of this pic. I didn't have photoshop yet and was low on colored pencils so I went and got some Crayola markers.
B Brothers X3
I have a twin fetish XD

No but seriously, I LOVE twins and to me, 2 Bs are better than one. >D
BB and Thank you!
I personally love the pages where I got to draw post LABB Beyond Birthday. I've been meaning to draw him alone but I never get to it. XD

Also, I want to thank all the fans of this...^^; wasn't expecting it to be taken so well here. ^^ Thanks guys!
September 2nd, 2009
This was so sweetly awesome I can;t stand it X3
Not at all
No I understand your comment to the fullest and you're actually right. I didn't finish Death Note until Page 7 of Arc 1. But please keep in mind, I did not make this out to be a more serious doujin, I made it for fun and the fun of thinking "what if" situations. So, I must implore you not to take this a serious interpretation of the Death Note series, just think of it as a very bored fan who wanted the story to go on. ^^
About the smile
Near's personality as stated by the original writer has a hint of sadism involved. Yes, this case is very serious but then again this is just a comic I did for fun. ^^
About the smile
Nears personality makes him a tad bit sadistic, though this case is obviously very serious he likes to enjoy a little violence here and there. Then again is is just a comic I made for fun. Not to be taken seriously. ^^