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Evil and making the original Lanz's life miserable anyway I can. Anything evil or under handed is loved, and enjoy long walks on the beach while scheming. Birth date is based on the originals, though technically I am much younger.
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Since I was feeling a bit environmentally friendly, this comic was 55% Recycled.
Bare with me, two more comics later today, enough to finish the song. Then on to the real evil!
You fools get a quick, easy, and smexy extra update.
If I recall, someone requested fire...
I wanted to put a mirror in the last panel, but you won't be able to see your reflection. Mwah hahaha haha haaaaaaaaaa
Ah, nothing like tears in the morning, or in this case afternoon, Hell, its like coffee, good anytime!
I do look rather sexy in a tuxedo.
A start of a musical intro if you will. If you know the song already, feel free to sing along, wouldn't be able to hear you anyways.
Hmmm, a must amusing comic, as well as another rival to add to the list.
Have Finished reading this comic, and I find it amusing. Also, would see Gail as a potential rival. If she was only straight... well sure she has enough fanboys as is.
Hmmm, first time reader, and I find his methods ingenious. Look forward to facing against him for world conquest.
You might be wondering what the hell is this bastard doing? Yes, all 3 of you. Well, I decided the best way to win over Lanz and his rag tag team of do-gooders and half-assers, I will despose of Dan and take control. Today a rinky dink comic, tomorrow the world!