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I like videogames. :|
</serious face>
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July 12th, 2011
I will compete in every competition. I don't think I can properly explain how much I love this comic. <3
Their reaction to being talked about is so cute. :)
I'm not gonna lie. This is my favorite comic on SJ. If you updated twice a week, my brain would pop.

And is that "Utube"? That's great :)
I could totally imagine a voice like that. It's very fitting 8D

And I like that song! It's cool~
I wonder if he's still at the shop they were gonna meet at. I'd be sad, sittin there for so long.
Aww, that really sucks. You know, you always figure people will get their act together when they get older. But that guy certainly didn't. I guess you can't ever truly change your personality. :C

This is a nice page. I really like all the pages with Jigsaw on it though. The use of white space is real pretty in the last panel C:
Ooooh, Mac~ That was so cute! I'm glad he's finally realizing the error of his ways and getting his act together~

And the last panel is drawn so beautifully~ the expressions are great. C:
Scrubs? Like the tv show? Well, I'm sure you do, cuz I don't think there's a band with that name. I love they're soundtracks. They always have such good taste~ : D I have the whole thing on my dang ipod. Yeah, you seem level-headed enough to understand stereotypes like that.
It's nice to see that 8D
Wow, seriously? That IS really judgmental. Seems like that happens a lot to different races, not just asian of course C:
And yes! I LOVE that show! I'm such a huge superhero nerd, I loved that episode with the Music Meister~ That show's awesome~

Aww, even though she said that, she still looks sad. I doubt anyone can just erase all those feelings like that. :C
Fff, don't say that. I love every update C:

Jigsaw's so in-your-face. She's cool C:
Afro totally shoulda gone for her first instead of penelope and those other random girls. But as a result, he's making adorable faces now out of sadness and confusion~ C:

You draw the panels real well. I noticed that none of your pages ever look crowded~
Eee~ The second panel is so cute!

I don't care if it's too late~ I'm still a fan of AfroxJigsaw~
Haha, his face in the first panel is hilarious~ C:
Oh nooo, you missed your chance after all. :C At least I still have PenelopexCliff

My fav kind of music? I really like all music. But I think the one that tops it all is rock. Not like. hardcore metal or anything screamo. Stuff like Nickleback and Hinder.

Stereotypes? Our school is pretty much forced into stereotypes. Like the cosmetology girls are inherently stupid, but still sweet because of their naivety. The autobody boys are greasers. The welding and building boys are pretty jock-ish, and the 3D animation kids are nerdy and like videogames.

I'm one of the 3D-ers, so I like to play games, and I get top marks. Oh, and I wear glasses. Stereotypical stuff like that. C:

I think stereotypes are find... cuz most people know what they are or actually dress and act like that group to try to fit in with them. If they're fine with it, i think it's okay.

But there are racial stereotypes too, but when we were talking about it, my group pretty much agreed that the particular race stereotypes were on point. Like, how white people like to say "brunch" and asian people like rice, and black people like fried chicken. None of that's real insulting, and it's usually true.

Honestly though, I hate when those otakus try to talk japanese anime with me. I honestly can't stand anime, and they talk about it with me cuz I'm japanese! That's pretty stereotypical. "Asian? Glasses? You must like Naruto and Bleach and whee anime, kawaii neko." I like talking about Iron Man and Batman and such things :C

Umm. Long comment. Other than the really mean stereotypes, most stereotypes are true, I think. And I'm pretty cool with em~
I love this page~
Jigsaw's expressions are adorable : O

And thanks to you for always responding to even my short lame little comments. C:

Oh my. Afro's face. Is it too late? C:
You drew Jigsaw so cute in that last panel~ I love how she's sitting.

I am so pleased. I've been waiting for this since I saw the two together. Been a while. 8D

Ohoho~ if Afro cheats on her he's so dead to me~

Come ooon. >:C Suspense is killin me~
I hope it's not one of those lame, close but no cigar scenes. C:

I love your comic pages~ the pacing is always drawn so well~
You're like my-- what?
Dude, spit it out!

Jigsaw wants this and so do you. You took forever to realize it though >:D
Aww, Jig looks so sad, and yet not wanting to hear his story. :C
I'm glad Afro's finally seeing the error of his ways~
Aww~ he's all flustered~ that's adorable.
His expressions are great~
Ooh. Now you got her to listen. This is definitely goin somewhere~

I love Afro's pacing in the first panel!
She doesn't wanna hear your crap, Afro! Just kiss her!
Wow. He's frantic. SHe's sitting just at the table. LOL
He's cute like this~
Hmm, let's see~
I listen to a lot of Herbie Hancock and John Abercrombie C:

Oh my gosh yay Jigsaw! I'm glad to see her back!~