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...well, that should wrap up the introductions for this chapter. Moving on then!
Look at those brooding first panels, that Pika knows it's going in for it's death
Replies to previous comments
@redleaveshavefallen - Aaah, I'm really happy when others likes to pay attention to that as well, thank you♥

Thank you all for the support though, I really appreciate your continuing interest in this comic!
Love reading your comments, everyone please have a good day, KISSES
Okay, hello, but before you yell at me, wait just a moment-

Hello guys, and welcome to the newly renamed comic A Collection Of Creepy Smiles (not really).
Sorry for the sporadic updates, I've been pretty sick these past weeks. Annoying cough aside though, I'm practically fine now!
You guys take care too, thanks for reading!
With that much love for unicorns, Lelatte is surely my kind of cutesy dark elf. The faces she makes helps too!
Wow, I caught up. And what a place to catch up to!
The hover text for this page almost had me crying. From laughter of course, I find the tragedy amusing.
Hello, first of two updates this week, because my mother came to visit last week (which should explain everything but mysteriously doesn't??).

Take care everyone, stay healthy!
@Guest: Try googling "Mintonette", it should clear up.
Hey guys, you lovely lovely people you. Here I was expecting some kind of lynching last week, for the absence,
but instead I got a bunch of hearty "welcome back"s. You guys are too sweet.

Anyway, answering some questions!

@Nadine - It's actually been a silent joke since page 2 or something. Try googling "Mintonette" and things should clear up.

@Alucard - France don't exist in this world, I just give them random names from everywhere.

@Z-Lover - I'm sorry, I don't have a 6-months worth of buffer :( The pages will come once a week, probably.

@Mimi-Evelyn - YES. YES, YOU MAYJjHGKH
...and suddenly, the return of Nervous Mullet and Broken Nose, carrying on as if they never left.

Never left for over half a year. HALF A-
You know, at this point I can't even say I'm sorry, I'm just very, very ashamed of my lack of will and
initiative to solve some of the technical problems I've had these last months. Luckily, my friend and flatmate,
Fightbeast, is a tiny force of nature, and fixed me up with a computer AND a tablet (and a scanner, I
seriously haven't been able to fix anything myself!). So thank the heavens for Fightbeast (who recently
started a webcomic as well, and one who updates at that! Take a look: ).

Aaah. Okay. Here we go again. Have fun, and remember: never listen to any promises this author makes!
(and I'm sorry, and thank you again for everything guys, I love you lots)

ps. This guy's name is also a joke. None of them gets to have any dignity!
You're my hero, Sayaaa♥
@daviddoesntgetit: Haha, kinda think of it as gross the same way I think certain food is gross? Like, it's not BAD food, and people may eat it if they want, I just rather not.
And yeah, what I know of most kids are asexual, though talking about these things with my friends, it seems some of them weren't completely asexual? And that they kind of gradually became more and more interested in these stuff, as opposed to my sudden 180 degrees turnaround.
And frankly, parents, friends - I don't wanna hear about the sex-lives of anyone I know, haha!
I don't think I ever considered sex as "wrong" as a kid (despite my catholic upbringing) but I was completely asexual and thought is was utterly gross. My mom always got a good laugh out of me covering my face, screaming "bleeeh" every time anyone would kiss on TV, haha.
Then during my teenage years I suddenly took a complete turn, and became ridiculously sexual, still never got the feeling of sex being bad though? (even though I can still sometimes see it as gross, haha)
And nowhere they mention how it's actually a girl's name. Sigh.

Was in Stockholm last week, sold a bunch of the GUYS Anthology, put still have a bunch left,
if any of you are interested to buy one. Just send me a mail at and I'll give you all the details. Cheers!
@MechaMax - Yay for that! Och tyvärr inte, men vi kommer på SPX, och de går alltid att beställa från någon av oss!

@Mimi-Evelyn - AAH, that's great! And thank you 8D

@JoJa - Som sagt, kommer tyvärr inte till Karlstad, men vi kommer finnas på Small Press Expo i Stockholm!

@FlyingPencil - The book itself costs about 15$+shipping, doesn't cost extra to pre-order :) If you have other questions about the book feel free to mail me!

@TwitchyWings - It is a limited thing actually! But I could save a copy for you, no worries.
Oh shit, where do I-
Let's begin with a huge enormous I'M SO VERY VERY SORRY FOR THE DELAY. You guys are so good to me and I'm UNDESERVING, and I'm sorry I made you wait for so long.
I'll be trying very hard to be more responsible, and more clear with information when I take an unexpected hiatus like that.

I'll try to quell your bad feels by presenting you THIS:
Might make you happy to know that some of the stuff I've been doing when away have been comics! GUYS is a BL anthology with a lot of quality work, and I've had the honour of being part of it.

If you're interested in a copy you can pre-order it from me at:, or from whichever artist in the anthology you wish to support!

Furthermore, I have nothing else to say, so I might as well apologize again. HEY GUYS, I'm sorry and I love you.
I watched Animal Planet as a kid.

Aaaand yeah, that's it. I never saw it as anything special, just the daily lives of animals, just like hunting or pissing or whatever. And I just assumed humans were the same. Never got a sex-talk, but somehow still ended up knowing more about that stuff than other kids my age. Animal Planet. Yup.