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Fuck responsibility.
No seriously. I loved this comic, as short as it may be, it brought me fun. And if it brought you that too, then it did its job.
Write what you want. Draw what you want. That's just 'refining your craft' and all artists do it. Life's too short to regret shit, especially when it's shit you love.
Sorry for the awful language, but its true and you should never apologise for taking the time to share something you worked on. You have 3x the amount of drive and skill most have. You proved that by sharing in the first place.
I really look forward to anything you want to share in the future, because you are fantastic.
And don't you forget that!
Also, all plots boil down to the same 3 things, so don't worry that your core idea may be 'played out'. The secret is, they ALL are!
July 10th, 2016
I absolutely love this!
Poor Paps in that last panel... Adore the way you draw his emotions!
November 27th, 2015
Ahhhhh I adore how you're writing this. You have a real talent for making dialogue flow. It feels real. And the art style is absolutely beautiful! Really looking forward to each new update!
I just reread this three times today coz i luuurve it so much :3
yeah, piercings can be a bitch, after half a dozen years itll be healed enough though!
what exactly is he smoking??
Id take one, but I have three violent cats in a neghborhood of extremely violent cats... so i cant.
Love the last line. New catchphrase.
Vince is hot in the last pannel
hes so cute with his frowny-face XD
at least Tristan accepts sudden skitsophrenia and doesnt collapes when he hears voices like most do lol
oh i bet you are!
"I see you've taken an intrest in that book"
i see YOU'VE taken an intrest in that boy Baraku!

XD lol
your alive! when i saw this was updated i started screaming.... not the best idea with my lil bro asleep in the next room over!
take your time, we still luff your art, no matter how long it takes!
November 18th, 2008
this made me cry...
and i never cry!
i REALY didnt expect this ending, but the comic was awesome
November 5th, 2008
HAHA! shoulda seen that one coming! im supprised they can act so serious when talking to him XD

pleeeeeeeeease update your comics soon! lol i cant wait to see what happens XD