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I like Legend of Zelda and all things Digimon
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this picture even makes the PITCHFORK look cool
First time I used Photoshop for a comic. I'm so used to Fireworks.
I accidentally uploaded this in my other comic.
For those who might ask
For those who might ask why Neku is there, read the introduction of the comic.
For the people who never played Majora's Mask, Skullkid is childish.
(at lugbzurg)
Ok, I used to watch Bleach but I lost my DVD.
If you're wondering how Zelda got defeated its because Kirby threw a needle at sheik.
naruto shipuuden
since I started playing Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4 and I also started watching the anime too.
I'm back!
I'm updating again, here in my country we had summer and I didnt want to waste all that VG playing.
Thinking of smash and thinking of fusion.
I have absolutely no idea what is happening here.

This comic is a mess.
Could you give me your sprites?
They are stones.
If you played Ocarina of time then you'd know that they are stones.
Does it have to be sonic style?
It doesnt have to be human.
What's paper world anyway?
wow it's like my comic where squik joins Kirby. Totally odd and plus, it's also a red squeak! Super-super odd!