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Next Convergence.
A new start for a comic that had only three pages. I haven't updated in almost two years.
It begins. I don't really like the font I used so I might change it in later issues.
That's probably because I wasn't the best writer back in the day.
@Miranell: No problem!
So far I'm really liking this comic.
Im there. Your very welcome!^^
Interesting turn of events, and it's about time you updated.
Galaxy's making the Sora versus Dustin not sure when he's going to finish it.
Very interesting...I have an idea for my next comic..
Yep. My mystery character is causing alot of problems.
Cool. Plus i know that Xorrand has a DA account.
Don't forget to read the comic before this
Could i request a Mawile sprite?
I will fav...