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I’m a little tea cup nice and round
Fill me up and drink me down.
Put a little honey in your tea,
Then just take a sip from me.

I’m a little cookie, nice and brown
Chew me up and swallow me down
I’m a little crummy, that’s just me,
And I taste good with your cup of tea
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September 15th, 2011
I have several japanese restaurants in my area. Most are sushi places but one serves other delicacies as well.
Why is stuttering so freaking adorkable?
Wow, your vacation sounds awesome.
Happy early birthday by the way! Hope it is an amazing one.

Edit: This pages comment virginity is mine :P
Akio looks so dashing <3
I really hate to waltz in on someone else's area but if you need a temporary beta I would be more than willing to offer my services.
Hopefully your beta pops back up but if she doesn't I'm sure I'm not the only one that is willing to help out. :)
I'm like that too but most of the time it's my hot friends getting hit on so I luck out and the creepers leave me alone.
That's what'cha get for being adorable.
But no, seriously, just kick 'em in the nuts C:<
Yep, yep, yep, super annoying for sure! It also shows how little they actually get to know me because if you even just talk to me for a little bit you can generally learn I'm actually fine and no angry at all.
It's true that it tastes almost 100% better when it's hot out but I live in Texas so it's hot most of the year. And you are super lucky as all I have to do is LOOK at a cake and I gain like a bazillion pounds!
I envy you even though you say it hurts you because wearing your heart on your sleeve doesn't do any better, trust me. Apparently my face is so expressive people can read when I'm angry and when I'm sad even when I'm trying super hard to cover it. The only thing people can't seem to gauge correctly is my "happy meter." At any job or school I've been to teachers and employers will come up to me on a good day and ask "are you even enjoying it here? Because you never look like you are." and then I no longer am enjoying it because that upsets me. TT_TT Go figure.
*cough* I also talk a lot so there are absolutely no problems there...heh.
Every season is ice cream season in my eyes but I have to keep it away from myself a lot because I gain weight quickly and I just got back down to a normal weight several months ago x_X .
Perhaps it's a little mixture of heaven and hell all wrapped into one?
I worked at a vets as the kennel staff for close to three years and that was pretty fun. The only thing that sucks about working with animals is when you get a mean boss or customer.

Also I prefer this way of toning but if it becomes annoying or hard I'd be okay with either C:
Oh hells yeah! I'm awesome and psychic, obvs B)
Pssh, but yeah I would totally be one of those people that panicked so I envy you and your mental strength. Granted mine is always internal but my mother always knows. Don't mothers always know? I freakin hate that. I'm 20, I should be able to hide it better >:T
That's freakin badass that your friend fed you ice cream. My belief is ice cream makes the world go round. If some people can believe the world is flat I think I should be able to believe ice cream makes it move. hurrhurrrr.
Am I believable yet?
Lol imagining Maggie secretly enjoying feeding feesh makes me giggle.
Pfft, it's secretly a rainbow of doom.

Also, think of hot mansex while you're lying there! Not really but it was all I could think of.
Perhaps cute little animals or something would be better? I generally spend the time trying to keep my panic attacks to a minimum. Don't want the medical staff to catch on to my crazy :B Hurrr
Rofl first of all that performance was hilariously adorable and second that obviously means you and your friend are adorable. My previous statement of cuteness is valid ;)
I'm glad you had fun and congrats on 200 pages!
I enjoy when authors spoil their readers for exciting things like this x3
I'm super jelly about all your cosplaying adventures but you're a cutie so I imagine your cosplays look amazing. <3
Fuck yeah, many more to come is exactly what I want to hear <3
Fine, I understand that and the sex scenes are hot so I'll forgive him. Poor Josh and Matt though, they probably feel like they're just jumping through hoops. I can't wait to find out what all's going to happen but at the same time dread the end.
I liked daniel before this but now I just also want to kill him. I understand miss desperate threw herself at him but he shouldn't have been there in the first place.
Fuck, I'd rip them a new one too if they touched my porsche.
Ya'know, if I actually owned one.
I am extremely glad to know this is not on a permanent hiatus! I also understand the whole issue with college and starting/handling a career and I hope you are doing well. I'll look forward to the break and hearing more from you!
Woot, let the fun continue!