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-Quickly's chicken and boba milk tea
-Cold weather
-Wintery clothes
-Cute things
-Badass things (lol)
-Wolves & dragons/mythical beasts
-SouthPark <3
-DRRR! & Other Particular Anime
-BL & same-sex romances c:
-Fantasy/sci-fi/action/comedy genre
&many more but I can't think of it atm xD

-insensitive people (esp. online)
-extremely humid weather Dx
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WOMG I haven't updated in ages. I apologize >___<! I drew lots of sketches though! Hiatus been eating me up lately :c.

On another note, I like how I drew butters here hurhur x).

BTW I have a tumblr if you guys want to follow me and see my drawings/life/music/cool stuff xD. It's

AGAIN thanks so much for the support ;w; I came back and got like 50+ fans FFFF You guys made my day okay <3. HAPPY (almost) JULY 4th xDD Hope to update soon~
I love this story!! Adoring the characters so much x33 <333 Looking forward to the next update xU~
Next page will be much better xD;;
I just got -meh- with the coloring in this one 8_8.
But the perspective in this was killing me XD. I tried to accurately draw the lab room...*fails* You notice there's no one else in the BG lawlll (there should be) =_=.

lalal I'll update the next one sooner than this page (I promise) xD.
Thanks again (x
Thanks for all the comments ;w;!! And new fans!! Sorry for updating so slowly @__@ things been crazy for me. [School, band, and work] xD.

I actually have a Kyle doll as big as that XDD. And I tried to make Kyle's nose accurate but he looks asian to me .__." /end rant

But just so everyone knows, I will not drop this project. Since it's based on real life, there's so much to draw about. Though I'm afraid it might have too much drama -___-. I'm working on another comic called 'Divinity' I'll promote it later on when I have enough up xD.

Love you guys!! <3
I'm sorry!! I'll continue it soon! xD I have spring break soon, so I'll continue to work on it. College, and personal life has been coming up :)!!

Thanks everyone for adding this comic ;w;!!
And here's our awesome civilian, rouge and sidekick (actually Shift's a hero but I had no room for him in the heroes so he's spotlighting in the trio *wink wink* :D LOL).

Look at that BG phaillll.

I feel so accomplished :p. Now onward to un-neglecting my character! *hops over a rainbow*
I was supposed to upload this back in 10'. Sorry bout that xDD. This is what college does to you. Total depletion of anything that's not school related HNNG.

And then there's work. Yeah that too xD.

Hope you guys enjoy!!! <3
wb HeartFeltSins :))!

I'm still working on Iofe's audition thing to the story but ugh im laggin it XD;;; Ill try my best to put something up soon (like the heroes drawing that has yet to be scanned LOL).
Woooh look at that perspective. It's driving me nuts though xD. Wish I could do more with the BG but meh Px. Next page is perspective raeeeppp. But I'm doing it for my awesome fans (; <3

Yes, I changed Stan's outfit ain't it awesome!? I think I need to work on the color scheme a bit more xD. Alright back to work~ Tata!
Something to upload since...
I GOT 10 fans! haha first achievement XD. It makes me happy to know someone takes interest in my comics (x. So I'm looking forward to making more atm!!! I am working on page 4 and 5 (at the same time oh my!):P.

So like this picture I drew out of randomness two days ago since I was confined in my gran's house doing nothing but screwing around on the internet xD. So I drew this, took a pic of it off my phone, connected to the lappytop and pimped it up with photoshop--- VIOLA. I drew this with cheap paper and ballpoint pen. As you can see, Cartman's face has been blurred :|.

His face is so off proportioned, I'd be kicked in the theoretical nuts in my sleep you guys.

ANYWAYS THANKS FOR 10 FANS. I'm so excited XDD. *throws confetti everywhere*

*gets bricked by Eric*
Haha here's a little insight of the campus! Sorta...

I realized in one episode Cartman did say Kenny had brown eyes xDD. I initially wanted Kenny to have gray eyes and thought of something interesting haha. I'll probably do a short comic about it ^^.

To clear the confusion of the panels:
Kyle: It's okay Stan. I may not see you guys at the usual spot in the morning but...
Kyle: We'll always stay at the usual spot at lunch, right?
Kenny: Of course don;t listen to fat titties here---
Eric: EY! Fuck you Kinneh I'm growing manluhh so screw you guys!!
Kyle: Manly my ass, fat titties!
Eric: Shut the fuck up SRSLUHH
Stan&Kyle: HAHAHA
Eric: I MEAN IT YOU GUYS! Buncha asshos.
LAME BG IS LAME for now.
Middle School at South Park Horaay~! :D

Back at my middle school there's a bunch of tables outside the cafeteria building (cuz there's a bunch of underclassmen inside). So the upperclassmen usually go to the 4 wooden green tables. At the opposite ends there are like 8-10 blueish greenish and brownish plastic tables with annoying holes in it where food can get stuck and dirty your clothes >:c. So wooden green tables rule you guys.

I'm considering to draw a map so you guys might know what the campus looks like xD. Who wants to know?

Next page is almost done yeyyyy~
Awww Nilus is so adoreable!! Keep up the great work guys I'm in love with this comic (:.
Yay officially page 1! :D
This took me a while unfortunately XD. I used their little preschool/kinder ref <3 They are so adoreable *Q* I wish the show can make more of them~ Now Stan's eyes were tricky, but I decided to use the color scheme on their clothing that they had in the kinder ref :D. So his eyes are like extraordinaryly bright @_@. Despite this took me a long time, I enjoyed creating their little moments x3.

Do you believe in best friends? ;o

Sorry if my writing is unreadable! I'll do text ;A;!

AND WOMG I came back on here and I see 5 FANS!? TwT *inexplicitly happy* Thanks for the support! <333
@StarrieEyes: Thanks so much! I SHALL UPDATE MOAARRRrrr >:D. & Yeah, this story is gonna have alotta drama XDD OTL OTL. AND YAY 2nd fan XDD keke~
CREEK FTW <3 ;o Lucky for you, there'll be some creek moments~ ;DD
For now, storyboards will rampage my comic!! muwahahha

But the real comic's page 1 is almost done (:!

SPMS = South Park Middle School! HOW ORIGINAL IS THAT!? -gets killed-

Let me know if you need any clarifications cuz I REALLY dumbed down the quality so it can fit teh 500kb limit :c.
We used to be a trio + RL connections
Here is Kyle, Kenny, and Butters :)~

The text on the right indicates their personality in my story~ [Hopefully you can read my writing :c]

These are the times where Kyle focuses on his friendship with Kenny, Butters, and even Cartman (though he isn't in the page :c) but there's a reason lol.

Kenny and Butter's personality are also based on real life people. Just very few exceptions (though can be similar).

Missing in Action~ (What connections I have with these two---)
Cartman himself is based on many bad relationships I had with and personalities I dislike. But he is also the retribution of me trying to have those missing links back and fixing them in the process (which his character will be in the spotlight later on :3). In this world I hated two people because of they way they treated me. But I couldn't help myself its my fault that I made them hate me. I tried to ask forgiveness/fix things and be friends again, but these assholes decides to still hate me XD. SO Eric is the embodiment of those wretched human beings. But retribution Eric is going to be based on a friend who became my--err Kyle's salvation(you will see why later on ;D)~ So the trio (KKB) are more closer as Eric himself is still a racist fatass xD.

Stan himself is the representation of my best friend in middle school. They had made a huge impact of my life, and I had never met anyone as great as them. If it weren't for them I wouldn't be so passionate of drawing or creating stories. They were literally my second half cuz of how much we had in common. I thought to myself that they would be the ones I would be spending the rest of my life hanging out with. But then people change. You were my inspiration, motivation, and the dedication of my life. I miss the old times and memories we shared.

And there you have it :D. Hope you enjoyed my real life connections~ And hopefully enjoy the ride of my rollar coaster in Disconsolate! Ciaossu~

Yay Fang :3.

On a side note,
I shall return after my semester ends haha :D. I miss this collab xD.
@iNeko: Thanks (x!! LOOOL Doesn't it need food too?? :P hurhur HERO'S DONE (I think)

@LiveLifeWithNoRegrets: Hoho thank you (;! I HOPE I DID IFRIT JUSTICE! *shot shot* I know I messed up his headband )x. *I'll draw him perfect when I include him in a comic :DDDD)! *promises*