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Alright, so my name is Mackenzie. I have an obsession if you can't tell. I love anime, manga, RPing, and cosplaying. ^^ I have three major hobbies. Reading, writing, and taking pictures. I aspire to be an author one day and I will become one. I am in the middle of attempting to write a story called Nightmare. I'm pretty sure that I have a gay boy in my head and that he was placed in a girls body on complete accident, or that that the spirit of a gay boy inhabited my body. I have no doubt in my mind that that's true XD. I love my friends and family and would do anything for them. I love music and couldn't live without it

Fave Anime:
Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Naruto, Death Note, Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

Fave Manga:
Angel Sanctuary

Fave Writers:
Hal Duncan, Stephenie Meyer, Emily Dickinson, John Steinbeck.
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whatt!! I literally commented out loud so now i have to for the first time.. like what??? :(
to be continued...when?
Shira's so cute all shy and guilty :3
This page made me officially fall in love with Haru. He looks so adorable :)
So that was hot lol. Gah i want to know his secret even more now :D
4th and last panel equal love. i love the fourth panel.. clover is like :drool: in it. :3
XD I love clovers. "Aaah" in the last panel XD
September 20th, 2009
i'm fairly sure he's my new favorite character...ever
he's a hawty/cutey
poor clover :(
wow i probably just made the most obnoxious "nyooooooo!" noise ever... wow.. my voice cracked and everything XD
poor clover :(
aww monday looks cute in the last panel..
and wow clover is a dick XD
bdang. he's hot in general but real hot with short hair lul
that first panel is amazing. clover looks sooo cute!
this was an awesome page..
fffff this was good
i'm sooo excited ^^
oh em gee. double you tee eff is going on? i have no clue why i just did that but whatever el oh el... i need to stop...

this is crazy.. now i'm confused about monday. whatchyoubedoinman!?

and yeah i heard about michael jackson, that's crazy, and so unexpected. R.I.P.
him and farrah fawcett who finally lost the battle to cancer as well yesterday :(

oh and. the plot thickens!
thought id say it since everyone else is lol
Oh shizz
Ren is going to kick the crap out of Monday. He's gonna stick a guitar up his butt then Monday is going to puke ecstacy and groupies and then [after downing some mouthwash] Monday and Clover are going to kiss and make up... right..right?
oh monday you dick. :(
poor clovah...
I'm excited for the next page :D
a little message to monday


run like hell
oh noes. that makes me sad. buuuuuut i likes this kid.. ^^
[highpitchedvoice] WHAT!?
that stanks i wanted it to be from himmmm
andandandand he just left TT_TT
Andi's expression kills me. It is amazing how well it portrays the emotion