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I'm ruthienick~ Now more mature! I have moved on from Harvest Moon to My Little Pony! What a change :'>.
I guess I'll be posting a new comic? Maybe pony-related or whatever-related. When I feel like it. I might also redo Kirby Back on Track because I miss making Kirby comics.
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Tuck, Prince, Kyle, Ron, Shane, Lad, Terrence and Colin. I hope i win cuz i want a picture of poofy (go poofy!)
aww... jade is so cute >.<
aaw... cute. i wish it was summer. summer's just ending here :(
is john holding a... skipping rope??? Hope you find your sketchbook. I still can't think of a good comic for your contest >.<
i thought those were eyebrows :) they were actually freckles O.O
suddenly, oak's my fave character >.<
yay! i'll print 'em right away. i don't have real bookmarks and use things i find around (candy wrappers, paper, your brother's hand, etc.)
definitely entering this. maybe I'll include gino... then again, maybe not ^.^;
EDGEY!!! edgey,edgey,edgey,EDGEY!!! *ahem* good work.
panda... ICE CREAM BARS!!! gimme gimme gimme! (rarely have these :()
love the pirate costume >.<
i don't work at a grocery store but I do that a lot of times. hate messy things!
tilapia? you use that term in america. i thought they only used it in the Philippines :)
I don't work at a supermarket but a hell lotta people tap my shoulder to ask: "Where did you get that drink?" while I'm picking a soda of the shelf :(
@celtic guardian
HOLD IT! Yeah I'll revive it... someday...
yes! i wuz correct!
aw... he killed the cute little critter. well who cares *back to the story*
take mushrooms!!! take em'. TAKE THEM!!!!
Actually Dee,
*trys to remember history lessons from 4th grade* I think the Philippines helped them bomb Japan. Japan did hold the death march and killed a lot of people in the Philippines. My dad's uncle luckily escaped the death march. Look it up if you want to know about the death march!!! (longest comment ever for me!!!)
OMG!!! This is so exciting!

P.S. Where did you get the textures on clothes and the backgrounds. It really spices this comic up! (i bet it's toning paper!)