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I just came here for fun. I couldn't find a webcomic-hosting site that has cooler names so I got stuck with this instead.

Likes: drawing, manga, cloud-watching, birds, table tennis, Hong Kong, piano soundtracks...

Dislikes: Eyeball rape, emo MSPaint pictures, eyeball rape, cam-whores, eyeball rape.

Check this out if you will?

DEADMAN WONDERLAND. Now that's NOT eyeball rape LOL *shot* .__.
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March 13th, 2010
The concept with multiple stacked TVs is pure win.
March 13th, 2010
awesome colour composition!
le gasp I wonder who THAT is?
Sorry for the slight delay due to the obvious reason that is the first panel, and the fact that I went and watched Shutter Island :D

AND NOW I NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO OMG The movie was so good that my friend and I launched into this rapid debate on which version of the cop's life is the truth *A*

Oh yeah for those who haven't watched it, watch it. There are so little good thriller movies with good endings these days that it is a miracle Shutter Island existed.
March 12th, 2010
Ouch, hard to imagine someone would actually HATE them DDDD: I love them so much, in fact they're the only species that aren't ugly *o*
Before I really wanted to draw some kind of pic as a thank you, for all of you have been so kind and supportive, but in the end due to extreme lack of time I figured it'd be best if I concentrate on the actual plot instead since you'd rather see updates than fillers right? xD;;

Nevertheless as a thank you I've decided to post a concept art of one of the many twisted things I've invented for this story. This was done a few months ago, and seriously I've never thought of revealing them this soon *shot*. But now that I did, YOU'LL HAVE A PRETTY GOOD IDEA EXACTLY HOW VIOLENT THE STORY CAN GET, SO BEWARE LOL *A*

(It doesn't matter if you can't read what I wrote on the CA, those are just descriptions.)

**Oh yeah just a reminder I moved the formspring questions box onto the Q&A section at the top menu, feel free to ask anything.
The moment this page loaded I immediately knwe something's gonna go wrong...and it did LOL gawd you made me look behind my shoulder every minute or so D':

This comic is simply awesome.
March 10th, 2010
holy crap I love this xD

Sorry to those who thought he was having a dream ^^;; And now I can finally play Gyakuten Seiji / Turnabout Prosecutor!!! <3 *hit*

I've proved myself to be a complete dunce by placing the questions box right underneath the comments, therefore there were some people who mistakenly sent it into the wrong forum LOOL *hit* So in the end I did what Hiruda brilliantly did that I didn't: it's in the "Q&A" section at the top now :) *machine-gunned* Sorry about the inconvenience!
Simply. Magnificent.
...I finally updated. *dies* I'm sorry for my tremendous delay and I hope you guys are still there waiting for this lol *crickets chirp* DDDDDDD: I blame school.

But since it's Spring Break here I've decided to update everyday to make up for my procrastination even though I still have some school stuff to do during these 7 days lolz >< And I hope you won't mind the toning-absence? ^^;; I'll definitely go back to toning once I get more time.

Oh yeah on a side note, people told me about FormSpring so I've decided to make one cus I'm bored LOLz *hit* (located at the bottom of the page) You can ask me anything about this manga even if it's very random xD
February 26th, 2010
LOL dammit...
One look at your sketch and I know you're a master LOL instant fave!
DDDDD: arrrgh hiatus! Ah well, your drawings are good enough for me to stare at for eternity anyways >w<
January 2nd, 2010
Dude, the doc's totally my favorite character now xD
December 29th, 2009
We treat alarm clocks like flies
Welcome to a new scene! Hopefully it will motivate me enough to drive my art block away (it's STILL here goddammit).

Whew, I finally had time to do decent toning now. By the way I just had my 17th birthday LOL argh, I'm always one of the youngest in my grade and I feel so immature =x=
December 23rd, 2009
I've probably disappointed all of you again, haven't I? As much as I like to rant, this effing art block just won't go away, and I literally cracked when action scenes that are my expertise turned out like bullshit on this page LOL ARGH. I spent 6 freaking hours just to do the line art, I had a feeling I might get sick. I swear I'll get back to all my unfinished pages >_<

Other than that, I don't think you can expect too much from my art until the block goes away, so just stick to the plot ^^;; I think the start of a new scene, which is very soon, may bring back some inspirations...

And I'll try not to rant too much or else I'll start scaring away people.

The only thing that's preventing my life from exploding is that my portfolio got early accepted, to my extreme astonishment ;____; I'm so happy I don't have to slave off during Xmas now...!!!
December 21st, 2009
*Claps at Empress Pluto* I was also trying to find something to describe how I felt when I read Jackalin's post, and you nailed it for me.

One thing I hate is when people type as though they're retards.
December 13th, 2009
One of those WTF moments in life
I think this page turned out quite lame. Though I'm not complaining since it was a miracle I could actually draw anything at all provided that I was having an art block for a whole week.

Around two more pages until the intro-ish chapter ends! Thanks for all your support!
Very nice perspective you have here xD I'm always envious of your clean lines ;_;