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I love manga and j-music ^^.
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The new comic:
Waah, poor Aurora... ;_____;

I don't think you are the world's best drawer (please don't get mad! >___<) but this comic is one of my favourites in Smackjeeves! n______n And there isn't many comics in here whitch I like very much.. ;3
Oooooh~~<3! What will happen in thr locked room~~<3! *u*
I'm sorry it took so long to upload these pages! >______< I promise this won't happen again!! Thanks for everyone who has added Idol in their favourites ^^.
Ooh! I really love this comic <3. Please draw more~~
Last panel is so cute! n__n<33
YES! I knew that they were going to kiss! n///////n
Waah, that last panel's Oki had to be really good, but then I messed it up.... >___< Sorry.
Yay, I get the +fav-button back! I just copied that add to favorites -link in the comic profile page~~
God, he's hot! *////////*
Wow, so cute >////////<. Happy holidays to you too!
I'm so sorry, I totally forgot to draw Ichigun's backbag! Sorryyyy...
Waah! ;____; But don't worry, we'll wait ^^! (Or at least I wait...)
*gasp* What will Aurora do? she going to kiss her? *____*
I really like this page n___n.
OOOHH hot *____*
...damn. Ichigun is so ugly.
Gosh, I really like your style! n___n
Sigh..... Chapter one is almost in its end n___n. Next time when I update, I think I update the rest of chapter one's pages then. I can't add one page at time, because then my PHK-readers can get spoiled xD.

And oh shot! I realized that I don't have +fav -button in my menu! >___< Where is it?!
Yay, you uploaded at last! n____n