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Written by: arisa102@DA

Finals are finally over yay~ <3
After months of hiatus, I'm back OTL
This page was written by:heartoffiresoulofice@DA

Please don't send a script for the next page, I already have it! (and alternate version of this one but they link so awesomely)

You can subscribe to Rain on Tapastic too!! :D
@NinjaGazelle: ah forgot to login D:
I took off two weeks and nobody complaint :'D

The writer of this page is an anon again.
I'll never draw ferris wheel again. Never :iconpapmingplz:

Also, dear mobile phone companies: I made that phone up myself, it might be similar to real models though. Please don't sue me, I'm broke.

If you want to participate, infos:
@Flie: I use Manga Studio EX4 :D
The writer of this page: Blueskyplayground@DA
Well her script was the only one I got hahaha ;___;
The writer of this page: BlueSky009@DA

The tickets are actually gift-tickets to the amusement park of Budapest ^v^
The writer of this page: Arisa102@DA
This time the writer wanted to be anonyim, so yeah. You can do that too ^^
The writer of this page: Lightchii@DA
Wow she blew my mind with her writing, finally some drama :D
I didn't plan to make a new character but most of you wanted one more boy and well, the script now required him~
The writer was: Blueskyplayground@DA
The writer was: Nostalgichummingbird@DA
I had to miss a week because of exams but here's the next page ;v;

The writer was: blueskyplayground@DA

I put a twist in it, I wanna see what you guys wanna do with that guy (I mean the story, I want to do some stuff with that guy too *shot*)
He's actually a character who TALKS. His lines are written by me according to the personality you guys give him!

You still gotta write the girl's thoughts. For example: "He's XY. He's XX and XX. I like\hate him because of that."

Good luck! :D
(I hope there's somebody out there who actually enjoys this cuz I do.............OTL)
@athdlg: That's right :D
@Silver Mirror: Please visit the link in the I posted on the webcomic's profile and you will find the infos you need :)
The writer of this page: samsolariusleo@DA
I wrote the first two pages, the next ones will have different writers :D
Sorry for the hiatus
Okay I felt like I really need to finish this oneshot lol xD

It's a pretty interesting page, the first to panels were drawn month ago ^^;
Making of video coming soon! (only the toning part) I'll tell on the next page where can you find it!