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Weelll heellooo thar!
I don't have much to say, but I like a lot of things. Like sleeping and eating and sleeping. But mostly sleeping. Imma very lazy person!
BIG Harry Potter fan right here!!!
Mah favorite actor of all time is Cillian Murphy! <333 Watta total dreamboat.

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    Uhhhhhh... Hannah?
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Uhhhhhh HAIHAI
Yeahyeahyeah. It'sahme! Hannah! Oh wait... You guys don't know my real name. Uh. It's Dolores. Ahaha.
Sorry I've like disappeared for like for-fuckin'-ever. I've been on tumblr rp mostly and so much so that've decided to pursue a career as an author. Yeah, this is real life.
I'm kinda rusty when it comes to drawing... Haven't the time, 'cause MOMMA I'M A COLLEGE GIRL NOW. The art I'm doing is 3D art and it's like wood shop and plaster and the like. It's shit.
So basically, I'm just dropping in to let you know that I haven't died or anything. I might get something uploaded, but I'm lazy. But who knows what I'll do when drunk. AHAH.
This is really awesome, yo.
Woop woop! Dolores is still alive...? Maybe? Ah, sorta. Ahaha~
I've been working on my writing so I've been roleplaying up a storm on tumblr. But besides that, school has been beating the shit of me. Senior year is fun... but it's certainly very stressful.
I'll have something up soon. Hopefully.
I missed you guys! :3
Sounds good to me! :DDD
I love this collab! I'd never leave it!
I'M SORRY, GUYS. I've been so inactive!
I have an excuse though! I just got my wisdom teeth taken out and it's majorly painful right now. I havn't really been in the mood to draw... :C
Ah! Omigoodness! Dolores is actually posting something! The world is ending! Asdfghjkl!
My style changed again...
If you can't read it, just tell me!
Alek has finally appeared!
Vampire friends! Yay!
Welcome to da collab! C:
I'm Dolores and I poop.
Dis is sooo cuuute! <3
Ohhh~ he's coool! I like em!
I can't drink too much caffeine, cause I got shit kidneys. Haha
I'm gonna post a page soon so I can introduce Sif. I'm not sure when tho... Whenever I'm not busy, my dad is on the computer. It sucks.
I'll try!
Looobe you guys! <3
Hahaa! This is great!
I'm finally done with APUSH sooo more free time for me!
Heeeeey... Sorry about being so inactive! School is kicking my butt! Exams exams exams! Been so stressed.
But please don't kick my butt out, I'll get better!

Here's a gender bend of Sif... Because yes.
Haha! I love it! C:
I realllly need to do something! Everything else has been keeping me busy! I'm sorry for being so inactive. I will try my hardest to put up a page or something soon!
Well, it's very good! C: I almost didn't recognize our collab! But I was like that's Neptune lulz!
Hey guys...
It's all my fault this died! Ah, I'm do sorry! T.T
But I'm here now! C:

Btw, who did the banner?
Aaah! I hadn't even realized that it had been updated! Haha! Very good, Black!
I'll try to have something up soon. I'm in a bit of a rut, but I'll try my best!
Yaaay! I'm glad it worked! :DDD
Well this is frightening!
But it's really awesome too! This looks great! :D
And if that doesn't work, try chatzy. It might be better for everyone... Hmm...
We should get one of these:
They're really handy! You could probably make another page and add this.
Yeah! Sure! Maybe we should make a forum though? Probably be easier.