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And then suddenly we find out the whole 'king searching for a witchy wife' is all a ruse! A ruse to get witches out of hiding and it's all a giant man hunt! AHAHAHAHAH plot twist!
I think a thing that irks me about this page is Sam. Not Lauren, because yes, she does sound angry, but who wouldn't? The flames are still burning and the dust hasn't settled yet. It's Sam, and how he closes his eyes every time he talks. It might be because of the angle the second time he speaks that his eyes seem closed, but it's as if he can't look at her when he talks.

It's sort of a feeling of disrespect, however unintentional it may be, that he won't look at her when he speaks. It would be highly offensive to me if my partner didn't look me in the eyes when there would be an argument going on. It's like "What, you can't be man enough to even talk to me directly? Is this relationship that far gone to where simple eye contact is too much for you?"

And, at this point, even if the exhibit is a factor to what happened, it's still a factor, not an actual reason as to his actions. It's an excuse on some level, and there's a time to actually own up to ones actions, and not blame it on factors. Hopefully Lauren can do the same too, but right now Sam's on trial.
@ShinyHoundoom229: Wouldn't it be 'the power of Onix compels you' in this case?
I now kind of expect Stein, or the chick, to be wearing Mulligan's hat...

Also, lul, I enjoy Atty's face in the last panel so much. Sooo muchhhhh.
Oh no
I fear Christo's gonna hold it all in for an 'appropriate time' that will never come, and he's going to do something drastic down the line, because he didn't let it out when he could have. There's a line between being suave and cool, to holding it all in and never letting it out.

Don't cross that line Christo! D:

OH! And happy birthday Mister Twist!
George deserves it
Dude, if someone did that to me, and I didn't know them well enough to give a rats behind, I would do the same thing Atty did. If they can't carry their own weight, then ditch them. =/

@ Indigo(guest)
Maybe the mother is portrayed that way for a reason. Throughout the entire story, Mr. Twist has always had a reason for his characters's actions and habits. If I remember correctly, the mother isn't their actual mother, at least from word of mouth from Patric. Even the eye color, hers being blue while the other three are a distinguishable green, shows that she probably isn't blood related.

Given that, when she came into the family, she might not have as strong of a tie as a usual mother would have with her children. Or it could even be the fact that there is a sliver of resentment from Melanie and Patrick, sub-conscious on Mel's part, and blatant on Patrick's part, that kept the mother figure just distant enough to where she couldn't create such deep emotional ties.

There could also be so much more going on behind the scenes for the mother that is withdrawing her. In any case, her actions are worrying, and foreboding; a usual key element in Mr. Twist's storytelling that will rise either sooner or later, and is important to keep in the back of the mind.

It probably isn't the issue of character growth, but more of the issue of things to come, I suspect. Merely a hunch though.

In relative news, I've been a fan of yours for a while, even though I rarely comment (This is my second comment ever I do believe.) and I like the change of events. It almost seems to have wrapped up too neatly so far. Not that I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth, but I almost want to go "What's the catch?".

Love the father's response, and I'm starting to like the character; makes me giggle with satisfaction that he isn't an obligatory ass like almost everyone was suspecting.
=o New text!
Woo, I've got every page so far with new text. It looks all nice, and shiny, and eligible. Yay for photoshop abilities.


Also, a few other pages coming your way within the hour.

Go desktop capabilities, you kick toshibaxvista's love child any day...photoshop wise.
The title was originally stories
But since the cover I have has no writing on it...It's going by this.

Anyways, start of chapter 2, the more detailed chapter.
End of chapter
Alright kiddies, this is the end of the first chapter. Things aren't really looking up for our favorite cat girl.
Early morning update cuz~

anyways, early morning update. 4 in the morning early. tired, but cant sleep.

so enjoy the matured content that is unfolding slowly.
There are only a couple more pages left to this chapter. Short isn't it?
New character!
This is Charlie Fieko. He's the boss of Neka (His father gave him part of his job, as a co-owner of sorts), most popular senior at their school, and folds under peer pressure really easily. Or any type of pressure that is expected of him...

Yeah, you can see where that will get him and Neka both in the near future. He's also an important part of the story...
Lol mutton chops
He reminds me vaguely of Hulk Hogan, with the mutton's and all.

Also, I'm slowly in the process of getting my adobe programs working properly, so when I do, I'll type everything up and make it easier to read.

As for those that can read my odd writing, I loves you. T_T
Ugly hand with ugly crosshatching. >:I

Some of my favorite panels though. Gotta love the faceless beings. (yes, they are humans.)
And the self narration expands.

Edit: yay, photoshop on a computer. Now I can finally type out the words so that you guys don't have to squint and question my sanity for posting such badly written out pages!

I'll put the rest up, along with 5 knew pages, boyfriend wants the computer, and is beating me over it. >.>;;
Updated just for the heck of it.
Ok, so yeah, in case you guys didn't notice, things in Neka's life are a little...odd. She lives in a society run by peer pressures, and the judgments of others. She can never get a break, because people are too afraid to step out of their own selfishness and thank an actually kind person, even though they are different.

Racism at it's ultimatum.
I hope you can read my writing
Because since I can't redo text it will have to do. If it's confusing please tell me, so that I can write it out here.
One of the few pages I will redo when the chance comes.