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I've been drawing Evil Plan since 2007 and Sire since 2010. Both update once a week. Even when I crave death, the pages won't let me stop drawing them. I am married to a tanuki who rolls around in the mud and identifies wild plants (, and our daughter is an awkward pionus. I love them both very much.

I table at anime and comic conventions! Check out my schedule and other art here:

I also make highly inappropriate visual novels. They're free over here:


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    Alexis Royce
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The company's shields are there to ensure that their main characters are safe and bad guys always have poor aim. They don't really care where the bullets go, afterward.

Also! Megan's colored the last couple weeks' pages! Please go check them out!
Whew! Chapter's a little over halfway done.

Also, looks like Dynamis never got around to fixing that leak in the armory. And it got worse, right when she ran to get her hands on a better gun. We all know how much she just LOVES water...
@eekee: Honestly, it's one of the reasons why I posted it. Superhero comics have really ruined death for themselves. You NEVER assume that someone's dead for good in a genre that so frequently retcons and doesn't have the nerve to actually kill off a character. I could have shown him get graphically trampled to death, I guess. But this isn't an R-rated comic. XD

But yeah. This body ain't getting back up.
@Guest: Heh, it's actually interesting how that character in the crowd turned out. I modeled him off a character with blonde hair, like Will's. Someone who's a huge sweetheart, who would have cried over Kinesis, and been the PERFECT person to have around in a time of emergency like this.

But this crowd would have been a nightmare for Megan to color if I'd sent her coloring instructions for every person in there. So it was just supposed to be a little secret for me and a couple other people.

And I like that the brown hair happened, and that this new meaning springs up. Now, maybe we can also think about how Kinesis is harming himself, too.

That's one of the great things about sharing what you make with other people. That Megan can add something cool to it (Pages just plain aren't done til she colors them! Her authorial word is vital, too.), and that readers can have really great ideas, too.

So it was a coincidence. But now it's not. Readers are writers, too. ;)
Currently figuring out what our update schedule will be in the future, but for now, let's at least get this page's grayscale version up.

I try to let my comics stand on their own, because I put a lot of thought into them, and I'm worried that I'll look like some kind of David Cage or Peter Molyneux, when you look at the gap between my ambition and my capabilities. It's usually better to stay quiet and let something be what it's gonna be. But I've got something here about my side of working on this thing that might be worth saying. Y'know, as a writer.

The whole idea behind Evil Plan, back in 2006, was that one moment in superhero stories. Where the villain's plan is crumbling around them, and they start to yell out, "Noooo, how could this possibly be?! How could I possibly FAIL!"

And it's such a cliche, you know? Those lines just pass in one ear and out the other. It might as well be a sound effect. But that kinda stuck in my head. How does a lone crackpot get so convinced that they can use violence and technology to take over the world? It would have to be an emotional thing, right? Arrogance, and getting locked into this future you see for yourself. That you've worked so hard on something, that you need to win. You deserve to win. That was the, I guess you'd call it "ethos" behind writing Evil Plan? To make people really think that the bad guy was going to win this time. That Kinesis could do it. That that moment would actually sting. That when he asked "how could I possibly lose," his crushed hopes would hold some weight with the readers.

And then a decade later, I, uh, cut that line. Aheheheh.

For dumb little Stanley Alfred Hurst, taking over the world was always a way to recapture a relationship. A time when he was happy. A time when, unbeknownst to him, he was taking advantage of Will. Someone too emotionally weak to stand up for himself. That relationship was unhealthy, and it colored his expectations of what a healthy society would be like. Will was focused on him. Took care of him. To the exclusion of anyone else. The world, too, should do all those things for him. Kinesis was in too deep, so that even when that person did finally stand up to him, Kinesis rejected and murdered Computer too. Kinesis doesn't want real human connection. He wants to be coddled. He doesn't recognize Alice as an equal until he thinks she's murdered someone for him. I think he knows, deep down, that what he did to Will is messed up. That's why he lashes out over and over at Lime.

The first drafts of the end of Evil Plan had Kinesis slowly bleeding out from battle damage, trying and failing to make that connection with Computer. I, obviously, like this better. He should have appreciated the diversity of the people in the world around him, instead of hating on them. If he hadn't supplanted them all with Will's mind and weaknesses, maybe enough of the people on this page would have been clear-headed not to push in. Someone out there would still be driving an ambulance. These injuries really don't have to be fatal. It's not his fight with Kevin that kills Kinesis. It's the sea of wailing, frightened Williams, deprived of any Computer memories, any ability to understand what's going on or act accordingly. It's just ONE person, en masse, freezing up and making the wrong call.

So in the end, I never even wrote that line. The one that the whole comic was written for. But it's good to be flexible, and to see where things take you. And I hope that that feeling is still there. Evil Plan's always been about wanting to see the Bad Guy Win.

And what it feels like when he doesn't.
Hey all! I am so, so sorry for the radio silence. You all deserve better than this, and I feel miserable that I dropped the ball so hard on this.
If you'd like to read ahead and help me focus more time on Sire, please support me on Patreon!
Sorry that this one's still rough. This summer's been a little difficult to handle, and I'm having trouble staying on top of everything. I'll spare you the sob story, and focus that energy on continuing to get pages out! ^_^

If you'd like to help me focus more on Sire, please support me on Patreon!
Canta's actually signing the word for "gifted" in that last panel; so there will be some translations that are more figurative instead of directly literal. I don't know BSL, so I'm always willing to learn from someone who might know it (or ASL or similar languages). If there's anything I'm getting wrong, or anything you feel I could do better, please leave a comment and let me know!
Coloring by Megan this week.
I was a little happier with this earlier in the sketch stage, butt that first panel's still good. And Canta's always fun when she's creepin'.
Oh, so you can look at more people from up here!
Petty hit, Kinesis. Very petty.

Coloring by me this week! If you want to see some of the other stuff I draw, check out my twitter or instagram!
Thus, the answer to "why don't they just shoot him" in practice.

Coloring by Tricia Bayfield this week! She's helping out this and next week, so please give her a warm welcome for helping out!
And the fight begins. Looks like Kinesis has been practicing his villain banter!

Coloring by Tricia Bayfield this week! She's helping out this and next week, so please give her a warm welcome for helping out and gracing us with some suitably dramatic lighting!
@Guest: Ah, hell. Thanks, though, fixed it!
Maro kept his hair like that to KEEP people from seeing his face.

Poor paranoid baby.

Coloring by Megan this week!
I get to write for Warren and Pellos again! :D It's always difficult, wanting to do new characters and concepts, or wanting to explore what's already introduced.

I have little to no sense of chapter-to-chapter pacing.
Very sorry for the delay, but hopefully we've got things all straightened out now! Updates are queued for Sunday mornings for the next three weeks.

Coloring by Megan this week!
Well. Where to next?