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Heya! I'm a professional freelance artist. My days are spent whipping up commissions and comics, and my nights are spent dreaming up new nightmares for my friends in tabletop games. As of April 2014, I'm married to the most adorable sculptor online. I go to anime conventions frequently, where I sell the aforementioned comics and commissions.

You can see more of my work and links to my social media accounts here:
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    Alexis Royce
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Nothing to knock a villain off course by implying that his powers are useless. Kinesis, you are terrible under pressure.

Coloring by Megan this week!
You know, I think Kevin would've tried to talk this out or something if your partner hadn't tried to murder him.

Juuuuuuuust sayin. The kid's instincts are sharpening up.

Coloring by Megan this week!
@Guest: Thanks for noticing. I'll get that fixed.
Doesn't matter how smart you are. Until you've honed those instincts, fight or flight will get you every time. Too bad you didn't bring a gun, Eh Stanley?

Coloring by me this week!
Leif, get the random bystander OUT OF HERE.
Ready for another locus?
In the first couple drafts of this chapter, this convo lasted for fifteen pages. By now, I may have learned how to get to the point.

Coloring by Megan! If you'd like to support our little comic, please check out our Patreon!
I haven't really had a chance to put it in the comic, but Susan's started doing a bit of boxing and weight training with Benard. Time to tie that hair back.
I think Stanley thinks he's talking to a High Schooler.

Coloring by Megan this week!
Johanna, don't be one of those types. The artists who make amazing stuff but never see how beautiful it really is.

And Canta, don't be one of those OTHER types. You know. THOSE types.
@LKWayvern: Thanks for letting me know! Fixed it. I've no idea why I was using an outside source to host this page. If you find any more, please let me know!
Never know what you'll find at the supermarket.

Coloring by me this week.
Less boring outfits, and a check in with Johanna!
@HamPlan: I can hear that chorus and the pokemon singer in my head. XD Great job!
@SoulRaider116: Whoa, your meter and stresses are almost perfect with the original lyrics. This is rad.
I've written this scene at least four times over the past decade, maybe more. I am VERY pleased with the script for the next chapter.

Meg's on vacation with her aunt, uncle and cousin this weekend (my Mom, Dad and Sister!), so you're stuck with me on coloring duty. As part of my continuing effort to actually give you guys decent backgrounds, I took dozens of reference photos of my local supermarket so that I could get the shots right. Supermarkets are so darn complicated.
New chapter time!

This piece was done with ink and a couple fun other toys. Patrons get to see the step-by-step with photos and fluff commentary over here:
@stkbayfield: Lots of people have them. In fact, I specifically had the Disney credit cards in mind. When I'm working conventions, I see about a hundred of those red ones with Cinderella's carriage alone.

It's potentially indicative of a Registered Superhero, but by this point, they're so widespread that that's a joke/fashion choice. Who wouldn't want that air of mystery when buying your new car or paying for that tailored new suit?
Company Credit: Be a Company Man.

(Blast Radius has done about six of these commercials.)
Short chapter this time! And it looks like I'd better get to work getting the second GN set up.

Chapter 11 is next up on deck. I'm pretty excited about it. I've posted a couple sketches up on the Patreon. New outfits for Anna, Susan, and...hmmm. Says here that the third outfit involves a new... mask..?
It's nice to have friends, huh Susan?