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Heya! I'm a professional freelance artist. My days are spent whipping up commissions and comics, and my nights are spent dreaming up new nightmares for my friends in tabletop games. As of April 2014, I'm married to the most adorable sculptor online. I go to anime conventions frequently, where I sell the aforementioned comics and commissions.

You can see more of my work and links to my social media accounts here:
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    Alexis Royce
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Ah, yes. Kindly Anguish. Who always treats his hyper-loyal minions so well.

Coloring by Megan this week.
"Villain Meltdowns for fun and Profit," by Anguish.

Coloring by Megan this week!
You know, there are a lot of writers out there who don't know how to write parrot dialogue. So here's a quick primer in case you ever want to include talking birds in your story.

The way people do it wrong: A human character will say a phrase, and the parrot will repeat it a couple times. It's not to say that a bird will never do this. But it assumes that birds just kind of randomly hit upon a sound they like, and immediately replicate it. It's good for a joke, but it's gonna sound off and doesn't treat the bird like a thinking creature.

A clever creature, like a parrot, can recognize that words or sounds have contexts. They won't understand the literal meaning or etymology of a phrase, but they can call upon phrases they've heard as an attempt to replicate the context in which they've heard it. So, if an owner says "Come here!" Whenever they open the door to their cage, a parrot can start using it independently, calling "Come here!" to their owner, as a request to have their cage door opened. They don't understand the literal meaning, however, so they might even ignore parts of the phrase, or remix it their own way, calling out "Here here come hereeeee," especially when they're younger or still learning a phrase. It takes a while for a bird to learn a new word or phrase, so the "instantly hearing something and repeating" idea is just plain not how they work.

Captain Flint is a very old bird, and a sailor, so she's going to talk like one. Honestly, everyone develops a vocabulary based on their surroundings, and has their own way of asking or demanding what they want, based on how they've been given things in the past. It's a good way to consider any dialogue. Parrots are just super blunt about it.
@Guest: Yes, indeed. They were able to obtain Citrus Co for next to nothing.

So close to nothing, it might've been nothing at all.
Well, if Lemon and Lime aren't using that national shipping hub...

Coloring by Megan this week!
Stakeout under the table!
And the moment where it all makes sense! To Anna, at least...
Time to catch a culprit!
@Guest: Yup! University College is a real and esteemed institution! The first time I heard about it was while reading The Invisible Man. But during my own college trip to study in London, I found out that it was real, while standing on the college grounds. About tripped over my own feet in surprise. XD
Coloring by Megan this week! And If you'll be at Dokidokon in Kalamazoo, please stop by the artist alley and say hi!
How do you scare someone who craves tragedy? Get alllll fluffy on them.
Nice try, but it looks like you're not really in the mood for a tragic tone right now.
@Karakatua: @rrr598:

Thank you guys! I'm already lucky to have readers, and it means a lot to hear from a couple of the quiet ones. Lord knows I lurk on enough comics, too. It's been a ride, to be certain, and things are only going to get wilder from here.
Fed. Up.

Coloring by Megan this week!
Whoop, stop her before she changes the genre!
Well, you landed yourself a Poe child. Delores, what did you expect?
You know that weird feeling you get when you meet someone in the improper context? Like when you'd see your elementary school teachers at the grocery store over summer vacation?

Anyway, putting those two in "Gore Fan" T-shirts makes me happy. Also, treat the billboard as a general horror film recommendation list from me. Something of a rough increase in pulp as it progresses, and most of them have some good practical gore, which I am indeed a big fan of.

I'm sad that Anna missed seeing The Babadook, though. Susan would be one of those people nervously trying to complain that it isn't a horror film. But hey. Some people just can't handle psychological horror.
Kinesis, it looks like you're gonna make it out of this one relatively unpranked. You should be over the moon.

Coloring by Megan this week. And it was so cool getting to see people in Denver last weekend! I'll be at JAFAX in Grand Rapids this upcoming weekend, and then Anime Midwest near Chicago the weekend after that!