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Heya! I'm a professional freelance artist. My days are spent whipping up commissions and comics, and my nights are spent dreaming up new nightmares for my friends in tabletop games. As of April 2014, I'm married to the most adorable sculptor online. I go to anime conventions frequently, where I sell the aforementioned comics and commissions.

You can see more of my work and links to my social media accounts here:
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    Alexis Royce
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Yes, she's a palm reader.
@HamPlan: It's been a few weeks since Lemon left. And man, you must be WAY better at plants than I am, because just this year I killed an african violet in one week. The fact that any of my plants are alive is an utter miracle. XD
You fucked up a perfectly good Gwen. Look at that. It's got depression.

Coloring by me this week, but Meg will be back next update! She got to go to London and see a bunch of amazing shows, the lucky duck. Also! We've a new vote incentive, a sketch of Kinesis over here.

Also! I've got a commission sale going on through the end of January. Check over here on my blog for details.
@Zer0: I don't have them all planned out, but they are all literary references!
Sorry that this week's page is a little late! Coloring duty fell to me and I full-on underestimated how long that last background would take to make.

Citrus Co has a furniture shop in the front, as a...front. Their logo is an orange. But when you go in back, the colors swap on the logo and you can see the real one: a bomb.

And if you go all the way in back, you've probably been invited to their apartment, and subjected to the Fun Traps.
@HamPlan: Glad to see that you liked it! But long comments like this stretch the comments section and break the website for mobile readers. Could you please shorten your cry of joy by about two-thirds? Then I won't have to delete it. Thanks!
Kinesis is just... not up for another fight today, guys. They can have the server bank.

Coloring by me this week because I wanted some practice with this lighting.

Also, it's Evil Plan's 11th anniversary. Whew.

Keep an eye on the Patreon feed! I'm going to publicly post some info about the one in green in the next couple days. Her alias is Bootlegger, and she's a gangster who sold her soul in a very, very bad business move.
@HamPlan: We made a news post about it, though I don't know if everyone checks that the same as the comic:
@MidoriLied: Thanks! I'm trying to think more about designing locations. It's way too easy to just get tired and slap a bunch of talking heads down on a page, no backgrounds, no nothing. We've all been there. So even though I still know next to nothing about making locations, I want to keep working on them!
@wilddeath: Things ended up becoming a little complicated there, so I'll update the record on this:
Sire, Evil Plan (and morphE) all take place in parallel universes. The Binding is strongest in the Sire universe. Evil Plan's the universe where superheroes became a public thing.

The Binding kinda exists in the Evil Plan universe, but it's not something that I'm ever going to bring up in the comic itself. And it's not strong enough to make Lineage Children. It could've had a hand in everyone's backstories, so I think it's not a bad headcanon!
There are an irritatingly lot of Phantom adaptations that decide that Erik just had a disfigured face. But one of the reasons he's supposed to be loathsome is that he is "made up of death from head to foot, a corpse." Seeing past his exterior isn't supposed to be about an ugly face; everything about his body should tell you that you are in a George Romero film. Seeing Erik (or Leif) without his mask on should trigger any genre-savvy person to start dialing up an exorcist or heading to Grand Rapids for a double-barreled, walnut-stock boomstick.
@Hydra: Now that the holiday season is upon us once more, the seasonal barrage of fruitcake pics and goofs has returned to haunt me once more. God help me, I can now tell different brands and types of fruitcake apart. I have made for myself my own hell.
@RazorD9: That'll teach Kinesis to go literally anywhere without a firearm. He's a villain now, there's no turning back.
@Sol: Heh heh, gotta make sure The Binding doesn't get you. It's tricky like that.
Ohhhh Hawthorne. You wanted to kick those Puritans in the ass so hard, didn't you?

(Also yes, I DO find it funny that a Hawthorne child is living under the same roof as the Poe cult.)
I'm gonna get a lot of hand practice in. They aren't as annoying to draw as they used to be.
@HamPlan: Thanks! I thought about including cars for people who worked in the store, and may have chosen to hide rather than escape. But retail workers are always made to park at the back of parking lots, so those cars wouldn't be visible.
Looks like someone wasn't quite ready to go toe-to-toe with a hero yet.

Coloring by Megan this week!
The tarot deck she uses is designed to read misfortune, and thus every card is made with the reversed meaning in mind. Not all reversed cards have bad portents, but they are very often cautionary.

In the last panel, she's putting down the Knight of Cups. That's Don Quixote drinking from the "Golden Helmet of Mambrino." The reversed Knight of Cups can be read as a warning that one may be overcome with emotion, and choosing to put trust in an idealized version of a persona or situation, rather than seeing the world as it is.
@Hydra: I wish they could sit down and talk this out. Kevin's pretty much the only Company member who would have a sympathetic ear.