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You can call me either Ecx (X) or Kaito. :3

I like to draw, and procrastinate on making webcomics. I recently restarted working on Chemical Blood and I am hoping to get some pages done soon.

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I have a tee-shirt that says that xD
Because I don't have a scanner, I can't submit a page for now. But don't worry, I'll get a page going A.S.A.P. I MIGHT make one digitally, but I dunno. I'm just starting and drawing with a mouse is a pain.. But, I'm still working on submitting something ^^
May 25th, 2010
Nya!! I wanna know what his name is!
I love your art so much =3
Gahhh @.@ This page seemed endless, and I'm still not happy with it xD Hopefully the next page won't be as horrible! (I need to buy a new sharpie.. >.> ) Please don't bite me -A-
Yeah.. Finally I'm putting actual work into this xD Even though people probably don't even know about it's existants >c> Besides it's the cover page and will probably be changed sooner or later...
January 28th, 2010
Wow it's cold where you live.. It gets cold like that here too, but I've been lucky this year, it hasn't reached that coldness yet.

OMG your display pic is epic xD It made my day xD
January 16th, 2010
lol Vanilla's face in the before last panel xD
September 14th, 2009
I love all of this! =D Haha the last panel is really funny xD The boys have tranformed into a large blob or something xD
Love the story so far^^
Yay! :P I likes it very much =D
I love the chibis! They're really cute =3