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Don't Mess with me. i like to draw random shit and i also like how my stuff is funny in my own way. you may not understand most of the jokes in it, but they are toooooooooo hard to explain so i'm not going to waste my time telling you. want to get to know me? send me a message.
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January 25th, 2012
AWWW! this is so cute! ^^ hehe i LOVE this comic!!! Keep it up!!
The old became new!
This is an updated pic of the one I was working on for my class, I added in some shadows to add some depth, but I took out the background and added a little more to the dress and jacket. ^^
This is a pic i'm doing in class, I'm not fully done, but this is what i have so far :P
Nice, XD i wish i had a "Mark" like that lol
A pic i drew of my fav. song from BotDF
I LOVE VLAD TOD!!!!! just so you know ^.^
my friend Bumble on the bus, very funny time. very hard to explain fully XD
haha!! spoke too soon XD
you HAVE to continue!!!!! This CANNOT be the end!!!! DX i love this comic and it's really well detailed, you really have to continue!!!!!
whoa whoa whoa, you did this Born?? NICE!!! but i ish a dude hun. :P lol
haha!! he's quite flexible XD
lol, i hate those kind of guys, who use people just for the fun of it, i hope something really bad happens to that punk
haha!! i love his reaction XD and i do have to admit, he is very sexy ;P
i love how he was prepared and how he shushs him XD
haha!! this is really well done, very graphical ;D i like this comic so far, can't wait til it's updated.
gotta love co-authors
hehe, gotta love my Rayna ^^
lol actually it's from #146 but yeah, it maybe him XD
Random Author Drawing
decided to make a drawing of me for your likings and to also say HALLO!!!!
This is just a random thing i drew on photoshop during class. i was so bored and reading Vlad Tod #5
This is pretty well drawn out, i'm quite impressed, i hope to see full comic books in stores someday of this ^^ i really like the detail in some also ;D