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I am awesome!!!!
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Poop Jokes
I get it! Poop rocks and a poop phrase.
Is it using Metronome?
I kinda don't want her to go along... She is pretty annoying. I like the Pokemon intro quote.
Tackling the anime and video games at the same time. Nice work.
I really like the idea of gym leaders having a weak and normal team. I hope this idea comes back later in the story.
I like the other style way more. Maybe use this for a really dramatic scene?
Wow. He's going to lose at this rate. Could you make a character profile page or something? Or maybe something that shows his current Pokemon. If you ever put it in volume form or something. I don't know how many Pokemon he has now...
Why the suspense?!
You made the reference!
You should sell these masks.
November 30th, 2012
keep up the great work buddy
Last panel. What is that behind Pikachu?
Did she just tell him to become gay? Uh
You have captured exactly how I feel while "training".
October 3rd, 2012
by by
September 23rd, 2012
She deserved it.
Oh god. He's catching the Ash mentality. He's dead. Unless you get a Charmeleon. Then you can wreck his team.
Boobies. :D
@ErrePi: Don't worry. We do too. Oh and Ian and Daniel too.
What's wrong with you guys?! The Inked pages look way better.