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Hullo all. You can call me AG, or Jen, Jenny, or JT, or some other random made up name. Matters not to me.

Art ish mah passion =D
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Sorry just a filler today x_x Quick sketch/coloring of Aud and Mikeal :D

Cloud brushes do not belong to meh, they belong to dawn-at-the-lake and javierzhx of deviantART

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day :)


<3 Jenny
You bet ;D And haha XD yes you did :3 Her speech is fun to write.

And hellz yes it does :D :D
I think a part of me just melted a little inside D:
Sorry for the slightly later-than-usual update, me and my suitemate really wanted to finish Samurai Champloo and the bitches in our suite always nab the TV for Sex and the City like, all night long. >_>

And don't worry, they do really heart eachother XD She's not really that much of a bitch.

On a side note, I missed drawing Rayne :D


<3 Jenny
Guess whooooo :D


<3 Jenny
Yay playful banter :x XD


<3 Jenny
So! Ohayocon, 2010, obviously, in Columbus, Ohio.

I am going with a bunch of my friends and if you're in the area you should too :P

Unfortunately I didn't have the time to put together a good cosplay, but I will be wearing something similar to pictured. Like this light blue silky drape thing, and I'll probably be carrying a super asian parasol. You might see me with a Death the Kid, Justin Law (Soul Eater), Simon (Gurren Lagaan (sp?)), Greed (Full Metal Alchemist), or Auron (Final Fantasy X) depending on the day. I also may be wearing my black bunny hat with long ears with purple on the inside of the ears, looking like a total ho XD. I'll have Jenny/AG on mah nametag.

So incase somehow someone reading this comic actually is going to Ohayocon, you should try and look out for me XD. I'll be going to the Yaoi panel (obviously), and probs the Full Metal Alchemist voice actor one, and spending a shit ton of time in the dealer's room/artist alley. But yeah!

It's gunna be hella awesome XD

(btw, there was an actual page update today too previous to this "page")

TO OHAYOCON! *triumphant pose*

<3 Jenny
Unfazed!Mikeal is unfazed. XD

Also, gay college scanner is gay D:


<3 Jenny
*explodes from cute*
XD haha true fact. Some things will def be revealed in this chapter though...the thing I wanted to go through with Aud and Mikeal relationship is kind of long and drawn out and happens later as one big arc, but once I start it, it marks the end of the comic, and I still have issues to wrap up >_> But all in good time I promise XD

And thanks so much :)
I enjoy how weak Mikeal actually is against Aud's glare XD


<3 Jenny
Wha makes j00 sad? O3O

Anyway yeah. I like this page for some reason.


<3 Jenny
I like drawing Casey cute :3

Ah, and Kuromei yeah it's the anime convention in Columbus that's coming up soon :D


<3 Jenny
Ah, I actually have it for PS3 since me and my dad got that as our big christmas present XD

I totally understand the way you broke the disk by playing it too much, which is the sad part XD I would to if I commuted from college, probably >_>
200 pages/posts...? Whatta?! When did this sneak up on me?
Update and News Galore!
A belated happy new year to everyone and hopefully you've all had a good start to another school quarter/semester/what have you or just a good start to a year and are just chillaxing, to which I am extremely jealous x_x (yaaay 7:30 classes five days a week...)

Herro everyone :3 Sorry for the random 2 weekish hiatus. New Year's Day my brother came up and we had to watch the Rose Bowl because my college was playing and we were freaking out. And then Winter quarter started again and I have a buncha credit hours and blah.

Not to mention Dragon Age: Origins sucked up a small (read: huge) amount of my soul. Seriously. This game is addictive. And I love it so much. XD

But! Updates will still continue, but on Tuesdays and Fridays now. But I will sincerely try and keep this going consistently.

I also wanted to ask if anyone was going to be in the area for Ohayocon?

But anyway! Back to these guys :3

<3 Jenny
*so excited*

they're so cute!
Desta looks adorable in the last panel :3

I also enjoy David's utter sarcasm XD