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chibi panda
Hello its so nice to meet you all:)

I am from Canada and I like to draw manga.
I will try and work hard on all my mangas XD
But the only problem with me is that i love shojo mangas , and i start to many manga`s at a time and forger about them :(
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its ok just seems like you bit off more then you can chew :)
lol love itXDD
nicely done XD
nice pen job:)
happy b day skull! wow first time i saw him smile XDD
nicely done i like itXDD
hmm i wouldn`t mind that at all:)
chibi panda
September 30th, 2009
yays another page! o by the way its me the person form da:))
lol so funny nice jobXDD
pls add tug of war of love a comic i am working on
it looks good :)
omg i love the last panelXDD
wow so cool
omh i just want to hug himXDD
omg so cute!!!!!
love it so far !!!
omg its so goodXDDD