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July 25th, 2010
This is where the guy in his head tells him he can read his thoughts!
Fire monster looks cold, but I supposes those black lines int the yellow of the ball are effect...They look like comic shiver marks...
I feel for that guy, having a sister who possibly says "Cool story Bro..." God damn...Those who say that should be shot...
@ Martin
...Fine? The title is fine?
And what Eddy? At least this guy's funny!
Ew! Old Rayg styled halo sprites!

But no it was Lover not Mother!
I think he's supposed to be rolling his eye's!
Gald to see this comics getting posted more!
Mass Effect gets old...FAST!
Same here Woody, but I got a Wii so I'm playing brawl for I while...
Wait, there shoud be a body in the bottem right where blue no scoped that fool...
It seems to jump from pannel to pannel like you missed out three-four pannels, also try and make a better...thing for pannel three...
I only used TNR for my banner as it is the only one that looked right with the colors.