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Oddling from Finland.
Writes, draws, reads and sleeps.

I do commissions, some rudimentary coding, colouring work and pretty much anything, so email me if anything springs to mind.
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and I prove to be a jerk promising weekly updates. I have no idea what happened last week.
On time! *BOO-YAH!*
Alrighty, let's not let this 'on-timedness' rise to my head.
September 28th, 2014
We're Back!

I'm now back from the summer break that somehow got a bit extended.
I have no idea where to take this comic from here.
Summer Hiatus Break!
Happy Midsummer's Eve!
In Finland our day never ends, so I bring to you one Li in a bikini to rest your eyes on :)

The summer hiatus still carries on, so you lovelies take care!
Summer Hiatus Coming Up!
Hey you!

It's been a fascinating spring, and I like that this is still not feeling like a burden to produce.
I had hoped though that I would have built up a bit of a buffer during the past two weeks; this I have not, and therefore I regret to tell you there will be a bit of a hiatus coming up now.
I might make one more update still, but then there will probably be a pause until the beginning of September. Maybe a little shorter, but just as a heads up.
Thank you for being wonderful readers! And very happy summer.

PS. If you are situated in Canada, you can come see my choir perform in Vancouver or Toronto in late August, and you can all come visit me on the Aaland Islands throughout the summer. Camping site receptionist is my job title ^^
You should try animating in that style, lovely scribbles! :D
This is late, even for me. Sorry!
Not dead!
Hey you all! I haven't updated in forever, and now a quick question - should I try to keep the story going or somewhat honorably bury the idea? I have an idea of making this a monochromatic digitally drawn comic if I am to continue, could it work?

Also, I have this new project going on: :)
I just moved back from another city, so I've been reorganizing everything in our apartment. Now I also have a functioning desk! Exciting!
But that is the main reason for the delay, secondary include celebrating my Birthday and being lazy.
Oh look, it's just a day late! I'm shocked.

My plan to keep this going through the summer might take a bit of a bump, but I'll let you know - there's a chance that there'll be a 3 month hiatus but let's hope for the best!

I also want to thank all you people for favouriting, there's seven of you now! And all you readers around the world, it's lovely to have you ^^
More backgrounds to drive me insane!

I apologize for the delay - I had this cookin' on Sunday, but didn't finish it until today. Sorry if anyone checked in on Sunday (which is the update day)!
Whoah, chapter two gets a page with actual people and actual background! I'll draw something for whoever guesses what I used for reference here. ;)

Disclaimer: rape is a serious issue and I apologize for joking about it.
Wow, look, it's late and it is sloppy! Sorry for that, I might post a better version later but today has been quite busy :)

Welcome new readers, by the way! (and thank you to the faithful old ones <3!)
Hey look, there's tea going on! Who knows what more!

I also had a revelation about where this story ends. I hope I forget it, so I'll make up something better...
Page Fourteen
And I think this concludes chapter one? Maybe?
Page Thirteen!
I feel blessed for having readers as lovely as you! As you might sense, chapter one is nearing its end...
@animaid101: I guess someone has figured out what the plot of the rest of the comic is about? :D
Page Eleven, woot!
Apologies for the varying quality lately - yet I am sort of super excited because whoah, this is already the eleventh page and I haven't given up completely! Yay!

Also, I'm already warning that summer (june, july, august) might put a bump on the update schedule. But I'm trying to build a buffer already ^^
February 14th, 2014
Happy Valentine's Day sort of belatedly
and another update! Yay?
(rant about how I am lazy for not having a third panel on this page explining how there suddenly can be a guy/gal standing there)