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Epic Chibi
I have a dream. And that dream is to make a comic someday. I do know I start so many that I never finish them but I guess I haven't found the right story to stick with yet.

As for my likes,......I like a lot of things xD

But I'm a simple girl that has a few wishes and questions, and she would like them answered and granted someday :3
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ipad pro = <3 all the things you can do on it

but I'm glad things are going wonderfully for you
Why do I get this feeling someone is going to die 8c
never wear hoods to a girl fight xD
All that never ending paper work
Omg, it lives, it liiiiives!!
Mind what you say around people who can uses magic kid, don't want to be a frog do we?
Iknow this man's pain when I hear the phone go off at work....At 4 in the morning lD
Only a page this weekend, Mass Effect Adromida is eating my souls too
Nopenopenopenopenopenooooooooooope 8l
Yes this is like a week late, I literally lost my tablet pencil for like 4 days and just found it. So here's a page 8D

I'm so bad at updating on a schedule OTL
Sooooo, I got horizon zero dawn, it consumed my very being over the weekend. Hens why no paves Friday and Sunday. Guys the game is. So flipping awesome. And ROBOT DINOSAUR!!!!
So there was no update, why? I had a research paper that needed to be finished. And. Refined. Enough to be "B" worthy. I don't shoot for '"A" because that impossible for my crazy life. So here's some art. And. Hopefully I can get some pages done because I don't really have midterms. Just never ending project that don't want to go away.......also I hate charcoal Dx
I've been wondering this for a while, how dome shes so thin? like unhealthy thin ?

This uses to be 2 Endless, you may or may not be able to find that comic on here. I have been working on this thing for years! and I mane years! and now to have over 100 readers and 14 fans. Hey I'm happy to have over three fans, but i have 14! I'm over ten fans! over TEN!!!

With Smackjeeve's new outlook and allowing you to see just how many people read your comics is really cool. I'm happy people are reading this mess that I call a comic XD

But again thank you all for reading QAQ I love you all so much! you make this unicorn happy!
omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg
not a signal person in that class room has brown eyes , sooo, no they don't xD
Like serisly if a god said you can wish for what ever, what would you wish for?, let me know!
I now love this bird xD
Im screming to my self "DONT STICK YOUR F!@% HAND IN BOILING WATER" Then I remembered he can do that xD