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alright lets GET IT ON
5 bucks on hes too lazy to self teleport
this team is awesome sauce and its understandable if scheduling confilcts arise
looks like someone wants some raw turkey brains
November 19th, 2010
nahh it would be too cheap a gag
all i need is a bannana riding a tricyle and a bowling ball also
and cue martin waking up and giving cream a dried blood dress via nosebleed
probably like what sonics feeling right now
and cue the imenint explanation or convient plot hole like it was a bio organic suit or something
i wanna look away but i oddly cant ,seriously at this rate their gonna have to but a mature rating on this
freak out
my brain just imploded
and the seeds of the story are sown
post asap ,i must see what happens

for those who wonder why i dont post a page i cant as my laptop exploded and im commenting via dsi
to soraply
awesome so far but techinacally you need 7 ememeralds for super ~bricked~