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I'm an anime and manga freak and basically all you need to know.
I'd love to go to college for art and my dream job would be to be a animator at Disney or be a Disney Imagineer.
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@ Ghost the Echidna
i pretty much already know what worlds I'm going to do. That was like the first (and only) thing i planned out
@ Sidheprincezzz
it doesn't look messy? it does to me O_o
OMG your comic is so funny. I gotta add it to my favs ^^
reply to Yaoitsumo
I was thinking of doing a "Who Framed Roger Rabit"/Toonworld world so that i could have an excuse to put in Looney Toon characters xD
3 comics in 1 day O_x
sorry for uploading 3 pages of my doujinshi in one day. but i seriously finished all of them today cuz i had a morning exam (english 10 final....bleck...i had to write about Lord of the Flies and To Kill a Mockingbird) so i got home at like 15 minutes after noon so i had nothing else to do <_<

and the panel where Aneyana is yelling into the air reminds me of Roxas when he yells "Hayner, Pence, Olette!" but i swear that happened on accident.
this page is kinda ugly...i got lazy...
reply to daidaishar
weird. It seems fine on my computer, it shows up at the bottom of the page which is where it's supposed to be O_O
the story seems very interessting so far. i think i'll keep an eye on your comic
LMAO Holy crud that's soooooooo weird xD I gotta tag and fav your comic now!!