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Im yer Favorite jackass that likes to see how haters waste their life trying to insult me
People say im insane, random, weird.. and stuff..

A spriter, deal with it =o
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Pounce@ Well... these ones where worth it :3
Pounce, former leader of Team wild, and a hater of Gay people, expressed his true self at Team forestall chat, who would have guessed...

Note: i dont have to png everything that is not pixel art, mkay? <<
Proportions are really good, the shading is meh

Also, the outline shouldn't be black :3
Really Mist, no offense, but please, keep the editing and LEAVE customing >.>...

..On a critic note..
Shading and proportions are pretty bad..
analyze before spriting

Oh, and by the way
WAAAFFFLES, aka Kuro, is wayyyyy Epic-er then you and your sprites...<.<

*Get's Flamed by half showcase*

PokeMan Finger version fails..
the cannon was supposed to be the "finger"..

It's my first time working with classic megaman sprites, okay D:?
most of them are edit's, but pencilman and moneyman.. so sue me
*Waiting for any requests*
Epic Failure...
Sorry that is so short and stuff
I wanted to already end with the prologue :/..
Tentacle rape ;3

...BlazBlue <3
September 24th, 2009
Oh, if i was them, i would actually have been freaked out of what "UFO" they are talking about...
Bad proportions on alot of parts, like quills and arms
A tip:
It's not that good to make human sized hedgies, some people do it, but it really seems horrible when...
Also, the outline could be the darker color of what color is touching (if the sprite is green, then the outline would be a darker green)..

I guess that is... the pants are really good
I actually lol'd....hard...
Thanks for the comments..
I may just consider keeping the original, but use the darker colors...
I like the idea, but im afraid the story is going a bit fast..

Slow it down a little, so the story can be well understood
ill be looking forward this