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About:. .: T A Y L O R :.
Hola, I am the younger sister. Besides drawing, music is my life. And then of course I love video games, sports... basically any sort of competition. And my favorite things to draw are hands believe it or not . Haha :]

About:. .: B R I T N E Y :.
Hey there. Thanks for checking out the site. I obviously like to draw, but other than that I love Music, theatre and sailing across the ocean blue!
My favorite things to draw are eyes and hair! <3 Ray-Lynn is modeled after me somewhat -but not entirely.
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    Britney and Taylor
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800 years
Hey everyone! After almost 4 years of radio silence, Candlelight comes out with a brand new page! We hope it's worth the wait, get ready because there's more on the way. :)
By the way. If all the pages took us this long to make, we'd have a book in 800 years.. Better pre-order it now! X)
Ahaha, page 6 is like "omg the door is opening!!"-And then just stops XP
Yeah, I know we haven't posted in a loonngg time!! But we ARE working on it slowly (oh so very slowly) but surely!
No!! But that guy is twice his size !! *0*
From Britney
Hey there. Thanks for the comment. I'll definitely have to go read about your gale later! Really, 'sounds pretty cool to be honest.

And yes, it is two people working on this series. My sister Taylor and myself. We share an account and title our comments with who's actually posting.
We take advantage of our separate strengths and it's so nice to discuss things like panel layout and storyline!
Haha! I looovee Cat's detective outfit, she ROCKS. *Cat for President 2012!*
Lol, I love this page. Misha is so cute! <3
I love your hands! I like how hers is so small and skinny and his is all big and manly. Lol, I like your comic!
Aww! Christine in the first panel looks so cute and to herself. Shy people are the best!
Hehe! Great shot eh?

*dies laughing*
A note from Britney
O, M, G, ness. I died laughing at this one! That is just too funny. I do that too, plus that whole, "I kill me" phrase is just hysterical.
A Comment from Britney
Ooh. I spy some talent. I'm sticking around to see how this turns out!
Here we are! Page 5 for your viewing pleasure. I'm so glad the whole window idea turned out really good on this one. It was Taylor's idea and to tell you the truth, I was slightly afraid that it would just look like bumps on Gales face.
But once we added the black part, it all came together.
Britney: ^_^
Thanks for the comment AeonDesires.

It is looking mysterious isn't it? That's how it starts out, but just so everyone knows there's lots of fun yet to come as soon as we lay this foundation first.
Heeey! I love your coloring!! (cute, cute, cute, cute, cute!!)
-And BTW, this is Taylor, a co-owner of Candlelight (Britney is usually the one who posts). Anyways! I love the way you draw! <3
Hey! I like your banner, now I'm thinking about making ours a GIF...Well, I love your art (do you use Manga Studio?)! Anyways! Looking forward to an update! <3
*This is our epic two-page-spread*!
YAY! Pages three and four are up! I'm so excited! It's funny because actually Britney hasn't seen the finished result yet. Well she as had A LOT on her plate because of work, so she passed out at 9pm last night (Dec. 21, Sun') because she only had 7 hours of sleep in the last 36 hours. *.*
So I stayed up until 4am finishing these two pages (and I'm not even tired! - COFFEE FTW).

I hope you like it! ~ Taylor
December 18th, 2008

Hello, I'm Taylor! Me and my sister, Britney, are the story come-up-ers and artists! I am so excited to see you like it so far! (Haha, even if there's no story line presented yet :P ) Britney will be glad once she sees comments too! Thank you for reading! <3
Uh oh! For a genius, he sure did use the word, "nauseous" wrong. I'm pretty sure he didn't mean to say that "he feels like he's making other people NAUSEATED." – *Just a nerdy comment that you can ignore…..*
Very nice! Your comic is HILARIOUS! I like stories about brilliant minds, it's refreshing...