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Hello, I'm Sammy. I like Drawing, particularly in the manga style, video games, MMOs, caffeine, chocolate, and sunny days. I'm none too fond of cold weather, mushrooms, romance novels or complicated social situations.
I have trouble focusing on just one manga (currently planning 3), and I often get destracted and fail to upload for long periods of time.
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Holy shyt! This is awesome!
0w0 I liek explosions.
XD The way Little One walks is kinda cute.
Is it customary for loyal servants to kick their princes awake?
August 21st, 2009
Oh my god, you are just too awesome. Your art is truly incredibly. Beautiful work.
Che! So awesome!
OMFG! This is totally unbelievable!!!

I think you seriously need to put up some little description, there are far too many people simply skipping past this comic.

Truly, truly, a work of art.
Want one X3

Love Jacks silhouette by the way.
Really, amazing details. Your art is beautifully done.
February 13th, 2009
Kreivi is just too awesome.
Really pretty!
XD he's great!
Ooooh, cool. How can he resist?
Wow, your backgrounds are godly!

Congrats, you really deserve it!
Zadels expressions are priceless!!!

I love this comic so much, there's just something so awesome about it.
January 5th, 2009
Amazing! I love how you do the cloth.
Wow, so perfect.
Wow... just wow. That castle is so beautiful! I swear, your work is so detailed, I'm constantly in awe.