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Black Thunder 2
I used to be Black Thunder but my user stopped working so I'm now Black Thunder 2


Life aboard the death egg a.k.a latde: updates saturdays.

Record in the making a.k.a ritm: Author comic, updates when I feel like it.

Sonic authors the crazy house a.k.a satch: Updates regularly.

Sprite Reality TV: Updates as soon as I get people to send in their sprites.

Oh and for those of you who think they know my real name and age from my old account, think again because those are fake!

If ya wanna brawl PM me and we'll sort it out.
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    I'd tell you, but then I'd have to eat you.
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About my request

You don't have to do them all at once, you can do which ever ones you want one by one or something like that. And then when you've finished them all, put 'em all together.
Let's hope the chao doesn't get eaten.
I can't help but notice that eddi's and rarhq's avys are really similar.

Also time to take a look at the random pokemon name generator!

Name one: Azumarill

Name two: Geodude

Name three: Spionk

There's my request!
Correction: This WILL be cool.
I request a Golem, Tyranitar, Metagross and Kricketune.
I'm gonna name him...Flare.

C'mon Flare!
I wish I had a camera when the yoghurt incident happened.
Who's the mysterious person behind the blaster?
Here's a challenge: Everyone fromm SSBB that you haven't done already!
And the update will be on Saturday.
@Wario fanboy
Super Sonic can attack Bowser while he's in the air or when he's fallen down.
Hopefully there will be an update tomorrow.
Finished the archive!

This is a definite fav.
He's 14.