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I am a very silly person.
Somebody's manning up!
@Andrew Wolfwood: Lol, she's got too many to name.
The hell's wrong with you, Vi?
These gosh darn aliens and their partying.
So uhh... I'm going to try to update every Monday from now on. I've been really wanting to get these pages out, but I'm so darn rusty >_< please forgive my slowness.
Cuddles are top priority.
Oh my goodness gracious where have I been @_@
Better start running, kids- oh wait, you can't. D:
I'll take that as a yes...? ;O
I'm getting so bad at keeping up @_@
Thanks Athena, you look great too~
Heeeyyy. I finally got back into arting after getting married and stuff. How are y'all doin?
Cat vids- now in 3D.
Yeeee you probably deserve it :I