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December 25th, 2015
@enzo: This is one of the greatest comments I've ever read.
April 12th, 2014
What a posh lizard and born salesman!
April 9th, 2014
sleepy skeeto
January 20th, 2014
The Meep Nuzzler! Cleans blood in seconds. As seen on TV!
January 5th, 2014
Violent violet
October 25th, 2013
Time for text adventures!
October 24th, 2013
Closure time!
Here's how it would have gone if Hex won. Most of the 16 competitors get a small cameo here. :D
Possible epilogue, once schoolwork is done.
OCT’s are hard.
They’re thoroughly time-consuming, have scary deadlines, and their semi-improvisational nature goes terribly against the grain of the storytelling process.
But they are absolutely worth it.
It's been a joy and an honor to compete in Eden, not to mention make it to the final and make friends along the way. Above all I am glad to be DONE.
I hope you enjoy :)
Transcendentals! It’s a math term. : B

I’m ecstatic to make it to the semifinals of my first serious attempt at an OCT. This time Hex goes up against an angel and a demon.
I had many options here. It's taken me years and many failed attempts to learn that soapboxes for or against any belief do not make good stories. But neither did I want to sacrifice exploration of the spiritual - and not JUST that (too many stories stop there) but it was my attempt to actually arrive at something of spiritual worth.
Additionally, in a setting which is already rife with religious references, I wanted to not overdo that either. Back during round 1, I had an idea involving bread and wine which I really liked, but it didn't fit in the current development, which I'm okay with.
But happily, My5’s characters and their background had a unique take on them which made it easy to consider her version of heaven and hell in their own right. They were tricky to work with in terms of mood - My5 wrote easily THE most emotional introduction, and I hope I lived up to that. And as always, juggling all the plot points was a challenge. (Hex why did you have to research so many things)

And all of that said, I have been a Christian for nearly a decade, and my primary goal in everything, including comics, is to glorify God and his son Jesus. The Bible describes a very different God, heaven, hell, demons, and angels than the one(s) presented in this story, and in pop culture in general.
And even though these are just comics, I take the spiritual realm - both the good and the bad - seriously. I’ve been fortunate not to have encountered spiritual warfare/possession/etc. firsthand, but I have it on good authority that it’s real. You’ll notice I left out Tinkie’s pentagram mark. I didn’t feel comfortable drawing it due to its associations, and I know certain readers would not enjoy seeing it either.

But all in all, I’m very happy with how this round turned out. I owe big thanks to simondrawsstuff for his in-depth critiques on it. I hope you enjoy it.

Read on DA for additional commentary:
Thanks! :D I miss chatting with you, MacSimon.
Full commentary on DeviantArt!
Such a fun page! :D
This is a response to a question at Ask Hex and Friends!

Bart is so much fun to write and draw. XD
It does, unfortunately. But it's a small pool, so it'll be a short game.
Cool stuff Lite Side and Kree!

I got an idea, not for #9 but some later one, probably #10: Tournament of champions! All characters are winners of previous games.
Archimedes is my spirit owl.
There's some cameos in these pages. :D For credits, and for a much better quality picture, go here:
I don't know WHAT I'm getting into auditioning for two OCT's at once. But here goes. For this one, I'm going to go ahead and post a few pages at a time as I finish them.

Interdimensional warp drives! Quite possibly the most convenient plot device ever.

More pages soon!