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Well, anime, video games, computer, manga, old animated movies... yeah, I like that kinda stuff. Fiction is SO much more interesting than reality anyway.
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I just gotta say, I love how frequent these updates are. This story's getting really good.
It's amazing how even the most threatening of Pokemon can look adorable with a smile like that on their faces.
Oh my god... all this time, I thought that bird was male... oh, and NOOOOOO, NOT RAINBAMON!!!!!! WHY!!!!!?? Phew, got outta that one. *Notices I'm still writing the comment* Dammit!
I never actually thought about that before... that's a really good point.
Oh god, no, don't attack until the move is done, you fool!
February 13th, 2013
As much as I enjoyed this comic, at least you gave it a proper ending of sorts and even told us you were ending it unlike most people who just tend to leave their comics and seem to forget they were ever working on it in the first place
You know, I didn't mind George at first. She was kind of the voice of reason that helped Atticus become a better trainer. Now she's forcing him to do something that'll keep his Pokemon from getting stronger... that's bad advice. If he wants Dragon Thing to evolve, let him.
Looks like it might be an army of Motimon.
I forgive you for taking a long time to update. I mean, hell, you actually came back. Lots of webcomic makers don't.
Hm, I think Zi just had a bone-a-saurus... heheh... I am sorry, that was completely inappropriate. I will now proceed to bash my skull with a text book as punishment for this heinous of all acts.
Raimon's adorable. XD
I'll be sure to send you a message regarding this when I finally start getting money again.
Aw, her training level is cute. I can't wait to see her in battle.
I dunno, I'd consider it, but I might not do it. It depends.
I think it would have been funnier if you'd added either a visual interpretation of a drumbeat or the text *insert drumbeat here*
Oh, it totally is.
And all makes sense while I feel dumb for believing it myself.
That's an odd design flaw... a gate created from the powers of hell itself can only be opened by something holy? How do the citizens of hell enter then?
Ron: My god, a girl just ASKED ME OUT!!!!
@SquishiNinja- That's exactly what I was thinking when I saw this. XD