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LOL THIS IS SUPER LATE NOW but w/e heres a lil comic for valentines, it was fun so i decided 2 finish it :-) sorry if its a bit hard 2 read
ALSO OMG I drew sensei w/ his new hair lol, I cant remember if mentioned it here before but hes gonna look like this eventually LOL;;;; sorry if its confusing!!!!! ;o;
n im gonna try 2 make a real update soon gdi ☻ᴥ☻
SENSEI RLY TRIED!! but theyre both just 2 stupid for their own good lol
and now, heres pathetically desperate takumi _(:'3 」∠ )_ I FEEL SO BAD FOR HIM
I finally updated lmao! its a Christmas miracle! im so sorry the updates keep getting further n further apart, this last one was like 4 months TwT ;;;
im gonna try n just force myself 2 FINISH THIS its almost at the end anyways I just keep dragging it out w my laziness =_=;;
@Pouika: im gonna redo this comic eventually but im not continuing this version, sorry :-(
i needed 2 redeem sensei so he properly apologized
that is NOT what takumi wanted 2 hear tho LOL

ALSO im doing commissions bc we have no money for food or gas in my house ╯∀╰;; go here
theyre kinda expensive but pls consider buying one????
not what takumi wanted 2 hear :-(
updating at a steady pace of 1 pg a month LOL
also i tried planning ahead n theres prob gonna b 10 more pages CRIES
senseis a mess lol IM A MESS LOL
idk wat im doing rn so if I just randomly restart the comic before I end this chapter don't b surprised
the endings rly dumb n im slightly embarrassed LOL
@Dead-Unicorns: omg ur right its right to left I wrote it wrong sorry!!
saved by his phone lol
sorry im srsly so lazy when it comes updating cries ToTTTT this lil make out scene is over so I might start updating a bit sooner ;o;
and then the regret sets in~~~
SCREAMS IM SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG ;O; i rly hated the way this chapter ended so idk it was rly effecting my ability to finish this page till i thought of a better one haha ;w;

ALSO i know this is like so annoying but i think im gonna redo this comic hAHA;; i wanna finish drawing this bonus ch n then i think im gonna start over from ch 2. im still kinda conflicted tho cuz im so close to the end but like i just hate how ugly n embarrassing the majority of it is u__u;;
so idk, I MIGHT DO IT, I MIGHT NOT i doubt anyone cares that much, i just wanted to give u guys a heads up if i do :-)
n now that i know what im doing w the rest of this chapter hopefully ill get the pages out a bit faster haha TwT
also OH MY GOD ive been going insane trying to find the time to draw this scene, ive been struggling just to color this page for like 2 weeks now bc im NEVER ALONE, I had to change my damn sleeping schedule just to get more than 2 hrs alone to myself TTwTT;;;;
but yeah.... im gonna try n finish the next page in under a month lol WISH ME LUCK
oh also!!! I made a twitter if anyone cares, its !!!!!
this page was so much fun to draw omg
n yeah the updates are gonna b slow till this scene ends so sorry in advance TTwTT
I wanna draw it so bad but theres always someone around ;;
hell ya
the straw that broke the camels back
I uploaded this page earlier this morning but apparently I updated on the ONE FUCKING DAY they decided to transfer servers n lost all data from the last 12 hrs.
I wouldn't b so mad if I also hadn't updated the extras page, I stayed up late to make sure the coding looked right but now its all gone.......... ALL THAT FREAKING CODING AJDNFGJDFG
but yeah, were about 2 pages away from the climax~~~~~ I rly hope I can draw that part quickly hahah;;
senseis willing to spend a lot of money on this lol
not much rly happening on this page but its gonna get good soon heheh
also I just realized this story's probably gonna b like 20 pgs long aha this is gonna take me forever to finish :'3
pervy impulsive sensei is back :~)
n sorry I didn't update for so long, I drew the 4th n 5th panels before I wrote the speech bubbles n couldn't remember what I was gonna write for like a month :-0
it was rly fun coloring sensei after waiting so long tho ^o^
sensei just gave in lol
n takumi is so cute on this page omG _(┐「ε:)_♡