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Ehhh... stuff. I can edit crap and make it pretty but as far creating my own comic I pretty much suck. I'm pretty good at colour coordinating things though and obsessive with small details so I'll annoy the hell outta whoever or whatever I like with every last flaw I see(not sure if thats a good things but it amuses me =D). After that I am a pretty depressing person and have a somewhat negative way of thinking about things so please pardon that and pretend I'm all happy with smiles and all.

hmm... what else about myself... I like the idea of love and its attached feelings but can't seem to fall in love myself and I sometimes wonder what is love really?

P.S. Whoever reads this feel free to pm me and crap I'll probly respond. Probably... I'm kinda bored... and am fairly boring myself... I need to learn how to socialize and make friends...
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January 27th, 2013
wahahaha random explosions always makes everything better =D
fudge the suspense....

and my bets on ian keeping the disguise on since the teacher didnt say anything about the way he looks... cuz i'm pretty sure she would atleast ask who he was if he did come in undisguised....
January 27th, 2013
i bet they are watching bambi when mommy dies or the never ending story when artax died >_< those parts are sad....
lol help buttons usually = panic buttons and will usually cause alarms to go off really loudly =D >_> least in cases of my experience
hes probly just as bad at english as isamu... or barely passing because i see circles =D circles = corrections right? so either hes correcting the pages or those were pages corrected by someone else but you know now that i'm looking at it it looks like a smiley face i take my comment back... i cant even tell who that person is... is it a new person? they have a scarf <3 scarf.

i think hes angry at the book for smiling at him =D

ahahaha my random confusing brain chatter <_< but thats how it sounds in my head when i'm thinking. the end result is the line right above this paragraph
i wonder if it makes me a bad person if i busted out laughing from this....
January 20th, 2012
where are they?
just a random question but... where are they? like on the globe-wise cuz i'm curious if hes failing english as a language learning class or english as a writing class in an english speaking country.

ehehe that questions just been messing with me for awhile now. stupid tendency to think about random details *flips pancake*
January 10th, 2012
huh..... isnt that a guy's uniform hes chasing after? that and dont they all have the same uniform? or is hers special in some way... >_< goes back to check

Edits: errr yep it looks the same to me except the leg-wears
January 10th, 2012
hmmm... tsudere? not sure if i spelled that right...

and if you think logically he signed the note so he can get the towel back eventually or something
cant find +fav button
After reading the couple of pages i wanna add this to my favourites but i cant seem to find the the button >_< WHY!*flips table*

that and i find this funny since i know someone who is actually this obsessive about their sibling(or really close to this obsessive).
hahahaha DDD is awsome XD
ehehehe bubbles in the background pretty XD
i dun see the diff between this page and the one before it. did u still forget to put ur name on this one too? O_O or is the detail too small for me to notice.
ahahahaah pimp on his face.

u gots alota spelling errors.
shiny stuff?
pile o shiney weapons in the sack? or pretty sparkly things. hurray for four pointed stars.
XD ehhh just fin reading and its fun how you are letting peeps pick what happens next. i'm shure to come back just for that.

if ya ask me i say u should expose a few secrets cuz the hiding of stuff is killing me. i'm the snoopy type that want to know everything thats going on all at once O_o that and having too many secrets floating about gets confusing after awhile.
a lil critique feel free to disregard
the words on ur last panel is smudged took me awhile to figure what it was. it says "i look sad...? how'd he...?" just in case someone else wonders too

that and this may seem mean but colouring the background many diff colours and not colouring some panels is kinda messy/unorganized looking to me. my advice is use the colour that goes well with the mood or leave it white or pick one colour cuz u got 3 shades of blue, green and purple going on in the bg that alot o diff colour for a page. its the same with the peoples if u leave the people white and colour the background peoples eyes tend to wander towards the colourful parts. ur colouring for the eyes work though. if u colour the eyes peoples sight will drift towards the eyes.

sorry i get distracted by things if a like it nuff to stare at it for awhile. didnt notice it earlier til now, it is the last available page and nothing left to do but stare for minut details. that and its 3am now. XD
wooo found it
Ehehehe saw it on theotaku site when i was sifting through and wondered if it would be here too. and it is XD yay. mmmm theres more pages on thotaku site though but o wells.
Anyways i think ur stories pretty good so far.
November 11th, 2008
XD so far i think this comic is great. Curios why its so low on the popularity thingy i swear i think it should be higher up. the art is pretty and everything is very well proportioned and the story is good as well.