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Triple J
(Written by a friend)
Fuzzy...erm...... insane, well not insane...but, happy well not happy either...

(Other friend)
You are ze great White whale...

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    Joe Jones-Johnson
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@Guest: Correct there are some missing comics, unfortunately they where not backed up. But this was the last comic, there was nothing after this.
Don't Kill The Messenger died here.
@lunar0z: Correct the other 2 are a random zombie and Jack from the popular furry comic, Jack.
Submitted by a very very lonley TJ
On the 31st of march 2009 I recieved a message.

The comic ended that day
@tezzle: Only the first comic that introduced the Sky Turtle as far as I can tell
@tezzle: Couple comics missing im hoping Daz kept his comics backed up.
Submitted by TJ
This is an understatement

Why wont anyone make a comic?
Submitted by TJ
Daz and his Sim City 4

I seem to be the only one updating...
Submitted by TJ
I still cant play it, and it still sounds like that
Submitted by TJ
someone else should update
Submitted by TJ
And here comes the robots!
Submitted by TJ
Daz is pretty good at flash though
Submitted by Zobe
Thats furaffinity for ya!
Submitted by TJ
Tezzle is a filthy dirty minded kitty
Submitted by Zobe
Wasting time doing terrible... terrible things
Submitted by TJ
It's madness barn yard animals everywhere
Submitted by Zobe
How conveniently placed
Submitted by probably someone
So many little suits
Submitted by Mozz I think
He survived... This time
Submitted by... Someone?
MSN handwriting tool is fun
Submitted by Zobe