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I write.
A lot.
And draw some.
but not as much as I should.
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omg that bird always gets me. always
soBB i
I found this and
read all the way to this point and i
had soo many feelings that i could not even stand up. /sobbing forever
that is awesome. its like when they would run down cliff-faces in the shows/movies. xD awesome
As soon as i read your author comment, the song Tourniquet began running in my head, over and over... lol

poor girl...D:
well...that just puts a bad taste in your mouth, doesn't it Atty? D: that's a sad little bit....
Dude yeah it does. Jasper just blocked for Tabby. She is goin places in the world!
lol, and the table survives the push. LOVE IT.
yay logic :D smart girl
lol i honestly expected a BBQ at the end of that OMGWTF
Glad to see you're back. Take your time and we'll see what you got together! :3
I think the best part is that he's sitting there long enough to listen to all of it. Such a perv XDDD
I remember this page so well I keep coming back to read it again. Still as funny as the first time. XD
I met Vic once or twice. :D he's cool

T_T i wish i could have gone...

Awesome page :D
When simply asking gets you no where, invasion of personal space will achieve wonders :D
Hee~ nothing quite as surprising as a dog suddenly licking you. xD
the birdie doesn't look happy D:
Sims Threeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D SO AMAZING :D
This is why they don't sell clear coffins...I think the smiling little boy freaks me out the most.

as for commenting, a lot of authors reply to comments on the next comic, but many don't reply at all. I think its your choice, but I do always enjoy a conversation back and forth with an author, and at some point there are too many comments to reply to.
To me it does make sense that there would be some sort of space or transition between being bit by a vampire and whatever happens next, because there is that death/near-death moment that people experience in different ways. I do see the connection to her being a puppet and her normal life. :3