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I like to sprite,Draw, and video games
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Edit: amd fav
Fav and camoe
Okay this is AWESOME! Wow tiff is a good artist! AND animevenom! I'm gonna go fav their comics!
I gotta do some fan art for you too remy-kun!
Yeah this page was dedicated to floo.
he was of te first people to fav me and thats really awesome.

Edit: I'm taking camoes still
alright thanks man
that's like my favorite show!!
sorry i could'nt find your sprites
I feel the need to update again!!! =D
that's messed up!
I'm so sorry for the 9 month hiatus. The reason for that long haitus cause i was'nt into spriting no more. but now i am. but the bad thing is i forgot alot of effects on photoshop like speech bubbles,fire, and all those other stuff. i'm accepting cameos. and also if i forgot to put your sprite up there ten tell, cause i can't remeber all of them. sorry.and if anyone reading this knows photoshop effects, can you please help me. again sorry for the long hiatus and i am back. =D
Oh this is gonna be SO awesome! XD
February 18th, 2010
I just faved this comic. Now you have 1000 fans. n_n
me to.
I sorry that your not in it But I could'nt fit everybody. from now or then though I'll change it a little.
sorry for the long wait on i'm trying to update on all my comics and if i have a little more time I'll update again.
cool can you send me a app.
August 12th, 2009