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Forward my mail to Cas Warner.
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Cool people wear dark glasses.

The jury's out on whether or not it's cool to bump into things.

Regardless, not all people who wear dark glasses are cool.
Magic can, however, kill people, bring people back from the dead, and...

I would assume, force people into at least a facsimile of love.
If I had a nickel for every time I've heard that question unnecessarily... I'd have another nickel. What's the point of nickels, anyway? Were they more useful a hundred years ago?
I was watching the first-aired episode of the original Star Trek with a mutual friend and he brought up, okay, a lot of characters will claim our sentient predator who feeds on equally sentient prey has a right to live just like everyone else...

...but so does their prey.
Let's be independent together
Another Christmas Carol: The Surplus Population Fights Back!
Speaking of crime investigation, I just saw the movie "Manhunter" and I really think you'd like it, as adaptations that do something interesting with the source material go.

Not least of which is that this version of Will Graham is so close to the edge that I actually believe there might be something to the idea that he's, er, actually anywhere near the edge.

(Although these particular police know EXACTLY what they're doing, heh heh.)
andrew cross, what are you doing on the titanic with leonardo dicaprio in 1912 ail%20and%20glasses_zps7ggqzxqj.png.html
Before I forget, their relationship may have moved past this point and I can't say for sure if it will come back to it or not... but my favorite characters from ReBoot and morphE seem to intersect at at least one point:

"I will TEAR YOU APART once I am free of this infernal collar!! That thought alone keeps me sane. :3"
December 18th, 2014
Well, that was a scary fifteen minutes.
Another morphE-inspired dream. This one involved Billy breaking the fourth wall of a video game, as well as a stack of mirrors for luck or something, a "bowl full of money" and UNTIDY.
Right, Asia! Don't tell him anything! Or else Amical will shoot you or possibly turn you into a dog!
...talking in frustrated, Hizrim-y tones about how smart and pretty she is...

And we're back. I'm excited. And now I'm imagining Billy with some kind of super-arm.
It read like Hizrim had a poorly-hidden crush on Asia. Somethingdere.
I had a dream last night about morphE.

I was in the role of Asia, I got into kind of an argument with Hizrim, got sent back in time to sort of a lecture while everyone else was in sleeping bags(?), Hizrim was gone, I told Amical about Hizrim, he became very concerned about my well-being and guided me away where it became clear that he planned to "dispose" of me to protect the other seedlings and all I said to every development was "Interesting," I tried to stab him with a sharpened pencil but decided against it, he eventually entertained the idea of turning me into a revenant or a dog with a human mind, and I was considering that when I woke up.
This is one of those moments that makes me wish we knew more about the seedlings' backstories. Honestly, they sound fascinating.
October 21st, 2014
Question. Where can I see the character profiles outside of Patreon?
Between Hizrims
I've got good news. That gum you like is going to come back in style.
Recent developments have made me wonder if the Persian has any descendants.
I've got a guess...
When I first read this page, I accidentally clicked "last" so the next thing I saw was a man in a mask saying, "Thank you."