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I am the Cowness.
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We're still going to be here when you come back >:O
This comic makes me go :( every time I see it on the front page. I require an update D:! Or at least rewrite this one to say "Temporary switch to random update mode :D" You need a happy face on the front page :(
November 14th, 2009
You're not going to resolve this climax until February, are you? D: *waits*
November 7th, 2009
Dodododo dodododo
October 7th, 2009
You disappoint Cow.
So are there two people trying to steal the trophy? Why would the "real" cleaner need a bucket and broom? It's not even a mop... it's a broom... And you'd think he'd have a rag or a duster... He's at least as suspicious as the guy with no face. At least the cube could've been a trophy-washing machine or something. A broom will scratch it up good D: Or am I putting too much thought into this?
Oh noes, a witness. I didn't see that cloud the first few times I read this :O
I bought some Cookie Crisp this week because of this comic :O I must attempt to reproduce this.
They really did the Fusion Dance? I mean, I was thinking "I bet they do the Fusion Dance in the next one" but I figured you'd find something else :O Oh well, it all works.

EDIT: Hey the... err... *counts*... twelfth panel (the one before the one that's just a comb) explains why his hair stands up, too.
It was epic BEFORE I clicked the link to hear the song =O
The Cool will save the day! D:
There is nothing wrong with that name.
Has he been able to do that this WHOLE TIME? >_>
You didn't color in the crayon D:
The Cool is just too cool.
Evil Arm Larry is just Long Arm Larry but he got taken over by Unhappiness in panel 3 of the second comic. I was wondering what was going on in that panel. I thought Evil Arm Larry was a dark counterpart or something D: That makes much sense. I hope they don't have to fight Unhappy'd Batman.
The Cool as an ally~ I totally called it :O
Oh noes!
I hate when they steal my happy D:

I wonder who he'll team up with, if anyone. Possible epic teammates include: The guy on the right in Arena probably IS the caped hero... the guy from The Greatest Chair can be the guy with the gadgets... That guy from Glass Door who seems to be able to take a lot of damage can be the tank... and then, of course, The Cool and Batman. Five should do it.
Did you feel bad for not putting a happy face on that balloon in the last comic or something? :O