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The Fujoshi is strong in this one.
Chapter one closes with our hero masturbating furiously.
@Artemus: Oh wow, someone else who just recently came back to read this comic (cause it was awesome) after its year of hiatus. Maybe the artist died in a freak tornado lightning monsoon car plane crash accident.
This is some Junji Ito crap right here.
Their weapons are secretly sugar sculptures.
Right through the heart too... There is no way hes living through that ;~;
Aww, but I have a super crush on Noah.
Oh what, you can't be loyal to one person for five hours you platinum haired douchebag?
Don't worry, your comic is definitely worth the wait. It's probably the most original and engaging nuzlock comic I've ever seen.
@MilaMiya: I read it in the voice of Markiplier.
@Shacy: Shez uh witch.
Is that what those are called? It would be so much easier if everyone but me were selfish rude jerks.
this made me laugh harder than all the other comics combined. i must have a horrible sense of humor.
Stetsons are cool, and so are Bow ties.
She really should have screwed the cap to her medication on more tightly.
this is the greatest thing i have ever seen a baby do.
FOLLOW HIM ANYWAY GEORGE. That's what i would do. "I'm not following you, we are going the same direction and you happen to be walking in front of me."
Is there a word stronger than love? because if there is, i want to use that to describe how i feel about this comic.
Tardigrades are horrifying.