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I love anime and manga, mostly for the art adn story. That's why I'm so interested in comics. Because they are the perfect fusion between the two things I love the most
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Ya know ya really gotta imagine how powerful magikarp actually is. I mean its literally a fish out of water but it can successfully follow Atticus through the cave by FLOPPING AROUND. AND KEEPING PACE.
So I'm sitting here imagining to myself what kind of team Atticus is going to have. He certainly isn't going to "Catch em all" and so far it seems like he may have a Charizard, a Raichu, and a Gyarados on his final team (assuming they all evolve)
Bet its using metronome.
Bet he catches it. Or it and its buddies take offense and a pile on top of him.
Man I still wish to see more of this comic but if its discontinued nothing I can do about it.
Aw man those zubats...
Well Atticus probably has a magikarp now. Wonder how he'll deal with that one.
Keep working. I should probably throw in a question or request to make this comment really worthwhile though. Let's see.... See if you can throw a Gyarados and Magikarp into future comics... or side comics I don't really care, but I'd love to see them.
Atty doesn't seem to know what the heck is goon on!
I'm gonna ruin everyone's sick fantasies by saying, "that thing" likely refers to DT
This story is gonna be awesome!
Yeah that's it dragonthing kick their asses.
Aww poor dragonthing..... I still feel bad about its name
Wow, slow down pops! He aint dead yet!
ten bucks says he freaks out
there's something wrong with that motivational speech
5 bucks says he'll give in
I'm still trying to get over the shock that he actually NAMED it dragon thing
Charmanders face said; "Oh shit shit shit shitty shitty shit shit!!!"
MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! GOOD RIDDANCE!!! Oh c'mon, you guys can't tell me that while you were playing pokemon, that you didn't get sick and tired of all the goddamn pidgey!