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I'm Torkirby!

I don't really post any of my comics here anymore, but you might see me commenting on a few every now and then.

I'm most active on my Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr accounts, though (all under the same name). Check those suckers out if you're interested in my stuff!
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Jeez, man this is getting good.
Ah, finally got around to reading this comic! I'm enjoying all the little "me" references, hehe.
@Jarkes: I'm pretty sure I started The Adventure of Kirby a few years ago. This one's kinda sorta radically different.
Oh yeah, Chilly's still a character in the comic!

Wow, it's been quite a while! I know I said that I would revive the comic, but that doesn't make it my top priority. I still have college to focus on, and there are other personal stuff for me to do as well. That said, I would greatly appreciate it if people would stop asking for an update or when the next update will be. Mishaps of Dream Land isn't the driving force of my life!

I'd also like to take the time to mention that I have started work on a new Kirby comic! It will be called Kirby and the Fountain of Dreams, following the story of Kirby's Adventure and Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land with my own person flair. I'd recommend checking out my Tumblr if you're interested, as I often post some progress work! Once I feel ready to start uploading pages, I may post them here on Smack Jeeves as well. If that happens I'll definitely let'cha guys know!

So yeah, lotsa stuff to take note of, so I hope everyone's excited for my new Kirby comic and where Mishaps of Dream Land is going. c: Oh, and the castle background in this comic is made by Drshnaps, also.
These are two comics I made about three years ago...I never really liked them, but I couldn't resist to post them on Halloween!

Oh shoot why are these so big. Bleh, I'll fix'em later. Have a great day!
@Muddykip64: I guess Waddle Dee can't press the button fast enough xD
Just a quick little "filler comic" I guess. This may or may not be clear to some...but when you're playing as a Helper from Super Star/Ultra or Waddle Dee from Return to Dream Land, you notice that it becomes harder to multi-jump over time!

Experimenting a little more. This time I added effects with SAI.

I uploaded an update video today [], and in it I mention that I'm taking questions for an FAQ. So I guess I'll open it up here on Smack Jeeves as well. c:
Experimenting with a few different stuff, don't mind me!
Also, for the record, Waddle Dee doesn't have his spear at this point, so he can't truly fly.
...I think I've said too much though.

Tomorrow is the day I move out of the house and technically start college! I'll skip the speech saying it's very exciting but also a little scary as well and say that updates may or may not be scarce; I'm gonna have to figure out what my days are like and such.
I still like to think that the friendly Waddle Dee from Kirby 64 is the same one from Super Star Ultra and Return to Dream Land. That's just me though.
Glad to see this comic's still going. c: I'm liking it!
This is more of my own take on an element in the Kirby series: Does Kirby "kill" his enemies as he progresses through the levels? Well, that's not really how I see it. Kirby does the explaining right in the comic, I see it more as the enemies popping into stars for a little bit. I've noticed that it doesn't take much effort to respawn enemies in the games. c:
I've actually been wanting to use this particular beginning of a story arc for a long time.
Kracko's one of my favorite Kirby bosses, so I was disappointed to see him not make an appearance in Kirby's Return to Dream Land! I guess, in that sense, you can replace Kirby with the developers of said game in this comic for some revenge~

Also, it's my birfday :D
Fun fact: This comic originally used the classic, hatless Sword ability instead of Parasol. It could work either way though. And Hammer.
I wanna thank Ultimate Yoshi for making custom Dedede hammer sprites and Crabmaster for animating the strip! :D

The animation, all CAN see it correctly, right?
Oh hi, who remembers this?
Well guess what! It's back, baby.

But there's no set update schedule. A new comic will be posted whenever I have the time and motivation, okee? c:
Banner coming soon!!! I promise!!!
Uh, shoot. Didn't upload a banner yet.

Well, Crash Kirby didn't last too long, ha.

I really didn't want to cuss in the comic, but really, if you got super angry and exploded, you would probably say "what the hell" too, right?

Remember in the second level of Kirby's Aventure/Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land, at the beginning you see some vertical Gordos trapped by Star Blocks? I always thought that was funny, so I had to put that in =) And I actually planned to put that before Morshu Bro. Sr., cuz it does come before it in the game...
Crash Kirby!

I promise next update that I'll upload a banner with it. =)