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I don't have the cloaks by themselves, if you look for the itachi and kisame sprites, just removes the heads lol. They are clearly labled in the archieves.
I plan on adding the kyuubi cloak later but for now, here is Naruto. I'll be working on the missing memembers of each team and some new one through the course of this month and next. I.E Sakura, Kiba, Choji, Sai and Kabuto. I'll work on all Akasuki members on a later date and upgrade Sasuke and Itachi when I get to it.
No Bean never smoked but since he deals with bombs I figured I'd make him smoke so he could use his cig or lighter to light the fuses to his bombs, That was gonna be explained in the next update.
Merry Christmas
Sorry all. Been mega busy with the christmas season. Here's a little something until The new year were I HOPE to update more. Thank you for waiting. Hope you all have a good christmas :D
yes you may
Yes you can. Go nuts lol
I can indeed. take some time though.
Yes, all my sprites in on this site are free to use.
Sonic uses Eggman as a dis not as his name, like in sonic adventure. I'm still keeping it as Dr Ivo Robotnik.
Honestly I was gonna go through sonic 2 till 3 but then I realised that Amy isn't present in said game story arcs so I was thinking how to skip ahead to get to the title's name "Sonamy" Adventure. Of course work and gaming didn't help keep my focus ehehe ^_^; Sorry.
Unfortunetly my new laptops Paint is shit, so i'm using photoshop which lacks the tools needed so i had to find something new and this is what i got so far.
Why? You ask me why?...Okay. Simply put. Writter block. That and I'm working on a new style. So bare with me.
I got the sonic battle sprites from the sprite database site (google it) and then edited from there.
oh that? they are trying to push eachother but are too equal in strength to move the other.
Man. I shoulda used that line. I'll have to remember it for next time.
Rio answers
Glad you asked. With the introdution stuff finished the story has a backbone for a plot for Sonamy's adventure to begin.
Rio's answers
thats just it mate this is the last one. Too many bad memories to continue it. That and writers block.
Rio's answers
The Gun commander has locked sonic and eggman in with the chaos emeralds which are about to explode, Sonic makes a quick joke about breaking the door down by using his yet to be learned spin attack, so to save Eggman and the people in the base sonic places his hands on the emeralds and activates chaos control.