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Bonjour! I speak to you from the depths of my cave of doom, I never know what to say in these things....any way so heres a list.
-nerf gun wars
-really bad music
-the Jobros
About me:
I am genraly sarcastic and pesimistic and can't spell for crap. I do try, but spelling a huge weak spot for me.
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This is a pretty great page. Expression ftw.
September 29th, 2009
Desta, as much as i love are annoying. in a totaly lovable way.....<3
oh deary....
Clover you slut *sigh*I have to say, poor Ren just fell in to the wholething....
This whole comic it pretty freaking amazing. I love the idea, and the fact your pulling it off really well! YAY!
WHA!!!!! I want to buy it, I do...BUT it won't let me...... I've tried 8 or 9 times.....*sigh*
I'll do my best to get every thing re-done as soon as possible
To Lyke, Oh My Gop. I will most likely update at least once a week.
Okay first I would like to say I love this comic, and someone pointed out I was currently useing the names Monday and clover in a comic. That is not written by me. I am only the artist and didn't come up with the names. Anyways I feel like its way to late to change the names we have 20 pages of script done and 30 drawn. So would you like me to simple take it down? If you would I would totally understand.
I have to say I love the new banner =D and this page is really great
your back! YAY! XD I was worried this had died...BUT IT HASN'T!!!!
oooo, I like your panneling, its very clean and easy to follow.
yeah....uber crappy page. i got really really sick and wanted to add thus this
..... i can't figure out how to make is smaller, last time i scaned the picturein and messed with it in Photoshop, this time i used manga studio.... it hates me. anyway sorry it took me so long to post, heres a crap-tasic page, will him to the house soon...
*third and last edit*
okay... I i have figured it it should be the right size AND read able. Yes Izza is a boy.
would love to join,=D
now how would i go about joining?