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I play games like ACNL, Pokemon, LoZ, Mario games, Style Savvy, etc.
I used to run a LARP, and I like to write fiction, fanfics, and RPs.
I like anime but find it hard to keep up. Favourites include: Princess Tutu, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Black Butler, Ouran High School Host Club, Princess Jellyfish, Sailor Moon (and PGSM, and SMC), etc.

I've been into Rick & Morty and Steven Universe recently.
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@Squirreltastic-Blue: That made me laugh irl.
LOL, if you will.

@witswithme: I expect a full slideshow of 'proof' at some point.
@Squirreltastic-Blue: Well it's a better ship than NeilxFloria, I guess... >.>
Next issue out in time for my birfdae?

Also, "thank you?" about Zach surviving.
IDK I guess it would have made Lola scarier somehow, even if her intent was to kill him all along.

Does Rye call everyone cutie? Or just Nick and Floria?
Can't say I'd dive off a building to help this jerk, but that's what makes NPB a hero.
Again with the stabbing.
It's kind of weird for Lola to be asking NPB who he is after specifically telling him that he'd been getting in her dad's way...
Shippers gonna latch onto this.
I don't really like AA or Lola, but in this case, I like them more than Beast, so... it's somehow less satisfying to see him punch AA than it would be if NPB did it.
"Do you FEAR ME?"
Looks like rain to me. But I also struggle with rain. Need to find a tutorial or smth.

Also yeah screw Lola.
Typo in panel 2: "he's marry us" should be "he'd"?

Zach knows people can turn down proposals, right?
Haha, does he ACTUALLY think they're all wanting him, or is he being cheeky?
Nick Polar Bear can only learn 4 moves!
What move will you replace with Bear Roar?
Only good things.
Everyone else: "Go Lola!"
Blair: *nervous, nervous*
Yeah they're a weird color.
I love Nick sassing AA - "Jealous?"