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I play games like Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Zelda, Mario games, Style Savvy, etc.
I used to run a LARP, and I like to write fiction, fanfics, and RPs. My most obscure favourite show is probably Big Wolf on Campus (I loved Merton).
I like anime but find it hard to keep up. Favourites include: Princess Tutu, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Black Butler, Ouran High School Host Club, Princess Jellyfish, Sailor Moon (and PGSM, and SMC), etc.

I've been into Rick & Morty and Steven Universe recently.
I'm a huge Critical Role fan.

I have a support role with the comic Nick Polar Bear - my favourite character in that is Missfortune.
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Called it!
I like this lighting - you can see Rye's colors better.
Also nice touch bringing back Static's teleport ability (I assume that's what she'll use) AND saving the birds. That's class.
Like I said, backed up offsite.
Rye seems excited about Lola in the vents lol.
"Rye, you there?"
"Okay I'll check someplace else."
Wasn't sure what order to read the lower two panels in. Ended up reading the right one first, but I think it makes more sense to read the left one first.
Where did they come from?
Static can take a beating.
My headcanon says this guy has Pigma's voice from when he gets taken over by the bugs. guess is Bird was gonna take the opportunity to get rid of his daughter's bf he doesn't approve of. Since he's a super, and all.

Destroying the records room?
What modern day facility wouldn't have off-site backups, though??
I'm actually surprised he got involved.
"Good thing you called, it didn't occur to me to get help."
"Oh by the way, Neil's house is burning down."
I mean, yeah, it's a good opportunity to play victim.
About time someone took the fight to Bird for once.
You did say his house burned down IRL... >.>
Not eating and sleeping will make you super sick.
Neil became an insomniac.