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A teenage girl who simply cannot leave the house without her sketchpad. Practically lives in her imagination, and desperately wants her fantasies to become reality.
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God Marcel is sneaky. Gets it from Uncle.
God Marcel is cute.
I really like how this building came out. The gradients were a little last minute touch, but they look nice. It's based on the building seen here.
Moar neckidness. And bad perspective.
Oh look, an update. Shiny!
Christ, Matthew is scary. But damn he's hot!!

On a side note, where do you get your screentones?
She reminds me of those characters in video games that just. Won't. Move. No matter what you do.

'Cept Alice is considerably smarter than them.
Yay fer the shiny! And the epic lifting powahs!! *claps*
Yeuch. Lookit all that blood. He's gonna be pretty dizzy after this.
Ooh...that's gonna really hurt. As in REALLY hurt. Man. >_<
Heheh. I don't know why, but I'm half-betting his teacher's Will.
Heheh. He's kinda cute, actually. I like him.
Heheh...Amazing-Man. That's so cliche, it's spun round back into funny.

And Alice's hair in a kinda suits her. Still like her ponytail.
Awww, but this was so cute! *wants more!*

Ah well. Fanart, ahoy!
Lol. Hi Anna!

Your chibis are so damn adorable!
Marcel, sunbaking on the roof is cruise control to cancerville!!!!