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Name: Shirley
Age: 22
Sex: Female

Comic status:
Yaoi Zoo - Active!
Depths Of My Empty Soul - Active!
Abby & Zaddy - Hiatus...
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Lots of updates lately, and all still in full color *u* <333
You're doing an awesome job with this story, hope it continues at this pace but no pressure of course ;u; <3
Hay guys~ Update tiemz <3
I got a new cord for my scanner so now I can scan things again yey~ I can keep doing pages traditionally again TTwTT with a bit of a digital touch up with tones =w=
Though honestly I'm not fond of this page, it came out a bit yucky, but hopefully the next pages won't >3<

Anyways~ Thanks so much for your comments in the previous page!
I'm still thinking about what to do. I kinda want like a community thingy, where my readers can come and chat not just with me but amongst eachother ;w;
I'm not too active on DA honestly, but anyone who wishes to watch me there, the link to my DA is on my smackjeeves profile <3
I also recently joined y!gallery >w< my username is ShishiB so anyone who's a member there and would like to watch me there as well please do! Leave me a comment too, letting me know you're a reader so I won't think you're just some random stranger =w=
Also, I had totally forgotten about Gaia @w@ I'm glad someone brought that up =w= I haven't been active on Gaia lately but I'm totally gonna become active again and vamp up this guild I have and never used. I'm gonna make like someplace to hang out and have contests and stuff for DoMES and possibly Yaoi Zoo as well, and whatever other comics I come up with =w= <3 so if anyone has a Gaia account do look for me and add me if you'd like @w@ Just pleeease let me know you're a reader, I do not accept random friends requests from people I dunno and who don't even know me =w= My main account is Chiisai-N-Kawaii
I also have a Skype account, for anyone who uses it, maybe we can have group chats <3 cause one on one chats scare me lololol so shy >w>;
I'll eventually get a facebook I guess =w= or maybe live journal? You guys use that? And well, I'll think about the forum as well =w= lulz so many options @w@
And oh yeah I do have a Twitter if anyone uses that, I'm ShishiB lol I haven't even posted any tweets in like, a week I think...

Anyways~ Thanks for all your comments, rates and favs~ <333 Thanks a lot for the nice comments on the new banner~ glad y'all like it >w< <3
I will try to update soon TTwTT I wanna make a short little xmas side story but I just realized that it's already the 20th so I'm gonna have to get to work on that ASAP if I don't want it to be late >A>; Wish me luck on that =w=;;;;
@Lord Beckett: I do have a DA account I just... don't really keep up with DA =w=; I just go whnever I need to upload new art... But maybe if more readers suggest DA I might try to be more active on there owo
Uuuuuugh... got a new tablet but I hate it lol D8 I hate sketching and inking with it =A=... If it were up to me I'd keep doing pages traditionally, but guess what... my bro fucked up my scanner and now it won't scan |:

So yeah, pages are gonna look a bit half assed for a while >__> I think I'm gonna try doing commissions to earn money for a new scanner... dunno...

Anyays~ Sorry for not updating in a while ;w; I dunno how often updates will be since I've started working on my other comic again, and of course the whole sucky tablet issue, but anyways, thanks for your patience ;w; <3333
Thanks as well for all your comment rates and favs~ >w< I appreciate them lots <33333

P.S. I've been thinking for a while that I'd really like to get closer to my fans, like, talk to you guys and get to know you all better and have you guys get to know me as well, and maybe we can be friends and all. I'm, a veeery shy and timid person so, I'm kinda like, not sure what to do D8 I dunno if I'd want to just put out my instant messaging crap thingies out there for everyone to see, plus I actually haven't signed onto my msn in like, a month... so do you guys have any suggestions for how to like, keep up with you guys, chat and stuff? I... don't check my Twitter very often either... I was thinking maybe making a forum? IDK... facebook seems to be popular, so maybe I'll check that out...
But yah, if you guys have any ideas and suggestions, I'd love to hear them ;w; <3
Yey I unlazified myself and got this page done sooner than I thought I would =w= <3
But now it's 6am and I'm very tired so I'm off to bed~

Thanks for all your comments rates and favs~ I appreciate them lots TTwTT <333333
Man I've been lazy with inking lately =A= not been in an inking mood... but well at least I got this one page done, and the next page is aaaalmost completely inked, so hopefully I'll have it done soon.

Hope y'all had a good Thanksgiving~ if you celebrate it @w@ <3 Xmas needs to come sooner, so I can get my new tablet TT3TT... Especially since my pens are dying and so is my scanner >A>...
But well, gotta be patient =w=

Anyways, thanks for all your comments, rates and favs~ I appreciate them lots <3333
Page 2 for today, I'll try to sketch more pages soon TTuTT

Anyways yeah, Abel's using his powers of persuasion, or brainwashing if you'd rather call it that or whatever =w=; he doesn't like using it, but in this case he didnt have much of a choice, people up in heaven don't like it when the humans learn of the existance of angels and demons so they do what they can to make sure it doesn't happen, or if it does then they do what they can to make them forget it ever happened.

Anywho~ I need to crawl into bed now =w=
Thanks for all your comments, rates and favs~ <3333
It'a 7am and I haven't slept lulz so I'm just posting this and the next page fast so I can go crash cause I'm just sooooo tired D8
Update <3
haha... dunno what to say... maybe cause it's 3am and this new site layout thing is like, really distracting me so much for some reason D:<
But anyways... need to sketch more pagesssss TTwTT... Will try to not take so long to have more updates.

Thanks for all your comments, rates and favs~ Love y'all <3333
omg new SJ layout thing D8 *flail* I was so confused and scared... still am, but hopefully I'll figure out how everything works... I'm just so slow to adapting to new things =w=;

Anyways~ update yey <3

okay wow I'm so distracted right now by the new layout I don't even know what I wanted to say anymore...
Um... well, next page will be up soon, think I'm gonna upload it asap but set it to be updated in like, 20 or 30mins...
But anyways yah, thanks for all your comments, rates and favs~ TTuTT ILU all <333
Update time~ *u* <333
I'll have 2 more pages up hopefully tomorrow =w= They're inked but I still have to add tones with pen and stuff.

And thanks so much for your nice comments guys, I'm glad you all are ok with the pages being done traditionally for now ;w; <3
My tablet pen refuses to show itself so, will have to keep using pencil, paper, and pen for some time... at least it's fun =w=

Anyways, thanks for all your comments, rates and favs~ ILU all <333
Traditional art is so much fun =w= <3 I like inking and all that, but I get too lazy to actually draw the pages, so sorry if I take a while to get more pages done, this page was the last of the 14 I had sketched while I was away on my vacation earlier >3>...
My tablet pen is still missing and, meh, I've pretty much lost all hope of finding it, so when my family asks what I want for xmas, the answer will be a new tablet lol.

Anyways, hope you guys will like the pages in this different style, I'll try to not screw them up so badly, it's been quite a while since I've done pages completely with traditional media, so it's gonna take a bit of getting used to ;w; but yah, so fun <333

Thanks for all your comments, rates and favs <333
Okay, have a couple things to say. Firstly, I'm gonna be on an internet hiatus, because I'm not doing good right now, I just want some time to myself. I wouldn't mind at least getting on the comp to continue drawing pages but, my tablet pen is lost. I have one page left sketched out, but with my tablet pen lost I'm gonna have to ink it traditionally and post it without tones. I'll get to drawing more pages on paper and see when I can have those posted. Hopefully my pen will show up somehow. But anyways, sorry if things slow down for a while, I'm just really not okay right now, hope you all understand.

Thanks for all your comments, rates and favs, I appreciate them a lot <3
Sorry for the unfinished page but my tablet pen is missing and I just can't tone for shit with a mouse...
Next page coming up in a few minutes so I'll post a longer comment with the next page.
@JoeyXD: Oh, she's the girl that Jacob's on a date with~ @w@
Another update yaaaay 8D
But now I'm out of inked pages so I need to ink some more boooo D8
Ugh, hope I'm not too lazy to ink them =w=...

Thanks for all your comments, rates and favs~
I'll try to get more pages done soon ;w; <3
Update tiemz~ *u* <3333
Hope everyone had a good Halloween~ Can't believe we're in Novermber already. omg Thanksgiving soon plz <333 I love all the food ;A; <333

Anyways~ Replies to comments from previous page:

@catqueen13: Hehehe~ we'll see if he lives or not >w>
And I did have a fun Halloween *u* I bet your costume was awesome O: even if you couldn't breathe yhrough your nose =u=; Hope you had a fun Halloween as well <3

@Siffers: Yah, in-laws can be real jerks D:< And thank you~ I did have fun *u* <3

@BananaMuffinPop: You shall see soon~ >u< <3

@Bailey_Del_Rosa: Ahahaha~ you owe me $5 *u* Nah but that would've been interesting lmao

@Pink25Great: SNAKE BITE THAT'S WUT <3
Baaaw, my Halloweens are usually spent the same way... just at home, doing nothing >.>;

@DarkNeo: lol yeah this like, came out of nowhere *u* wanted to surprise people with it and bring drama to the story <3
And who knows~ will he live, will he die~? >u> we'll know soon =u=

@Vocaloid Kaito: Hurhurrrr cliffhangers *u* <3
lol I wonder how many trick or treaters rang the doorbell on our house this year =u= we always turn off all the lights so they don't come near =u= but well, we weren't at home so who knows~

@unknown3rd: Thank you~ That last panel is definitely my fav on this page *u* <3

Will try to have the next page soon~ maybe later tonight. It's a simple page so it probably won't take me too long to finish, I hope =w=

Thanks for all your comments, rates and favs~ ILU guys ;w; <333333
lol~ I'm sorry I'm uh... pissed right now... so I'm not gonna babble and reply to comments right now >A> Ihatemysisterinlawsomuch... Anyways~ toning pages is very stress relieveing for me so, think I'll get to toning the next page ASAP <333

Thanks for all your comments, rates and favs~
And I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween~ if you celebrate it >w>
One of my brothers is getting married tomorrow~ well, not he got married today, but the wedding party is tomorrow night~ >w< I'm gonna be dressed as a maid @w@ which is quite fitting since I'm gonna be serving peoples food lol >__> But anyways~ yah, have fun guys <3

And oh of course, thanks so much for the get well wishes, thankfully I didn't have swine flu and I'm all better now~ *w* Thanks everyone >w< <3333
Oh God, I actually got this page done tonight, thought I wouldn't but I did =A=
Been sick for almost a week now and it just won't go away =A= I'm starting to fear it's swine flu... or maybe I'm just paranoid... I dunno I don't wanna have swine flu ;A;...

But anyways, replies to comments from previous page~

@WhiteLatina: Oh noes indeed~! @3@; And grats on the first comment lol XD

@unknown3rd: I know, damn you evil snake! *fist shake*

@_REN_: I know who snake be too 8D And we'll see what will happen to fugly chicken >w>

@katiejuby: Baaaw not all snakes are evil like this one ;3; <3

@Waiting For Your Whistle: Ahahaha I'm sure that was probably the snake's intention, but lucky for Ana she transformed =w=

@Pink25great: It sure does kill~ @w@ we'll have to wait and see if fugly chicken survives >w>

@Glory Morgenbriese: Ahaha yeah, even I call her that most of the time =w=; And who knows whether she'll live or die~ (I do of course...)

@wo_chi_baozi: Baaaw poor fugly chicken does need some help ASAP @w@;

@Sakuramar: lmao Jacob would probably be quite useless even if he did find her XD We'll see who comes to her rescue, if anybody at all XD

Thank you all for all your comments, rates and favs~ I appreciate them lots ;w;

Now, I'm gonna go crash in bed, I... am so exhausted... ugh... please go away sicknes *sob*...

Oh and I did update the gallery section as well as characters section (not so much) a couple days ago for those of you who are interested in giving it a look <3
Fffff updated in less that 24 hours yey @w@; Now, I need to try to update the gallery and characters sections before going to bed @3@
I'll start replying to comments on the next page, really ;A; <333

Thanks for all your comments, rates and favs~ I appreciate them lots >w< <3333